Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6 months

I'm so excited! We have finally figured out how to download video from our camcorder to our computer. The boys are 6 months old today and here is a video of them laughing. They are so much fun! Lucas is on the left, Jacob on the right.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Grandma, Eva, bought Maddie and Lily an early christmas inflatable waterslide! It arrived last night and so today they've been out there playing most of the day. Even Michael had fun with it :). Thank you Eva!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shopping for school supplies

Today the girls and I went shopping for school supplies. Maddie and Lily have been begging me to go shopping for a little while and even though it's another month before school starts it's actually a good idea to get it done early. I learned my lesson the year Maddie started Kindergarten. I waited until the week before school started to go get her supplies and I had to go the several stores in search of all the things she needed because there wasn't much left. So this year we are well prepared. We bought pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, erasers, rulers, notebooks, folders, glue, tissue boxes and a few other things. The only thing we could not find was construction paper and a yellow notebook for Maddie ( they need several in different colors for different subjects ). They already bought new backpacks a few weeks ago and the only thing left are lunch boxes.

Yesterday, late afternoon, the whole family went to the community pool. It was Lucas and Jacob's first time swimming. They really enjoyed it! The floats we had didn't work out very well because the boys were a little small for them so Michael and I just held a boy each. They were just quiet, relaxing in the water and taking in all the action around them. Unfortunately I forgot to bring our camera. Next time we go I will take some pictures, they are so cute wearing their swim trunks, their UV protection shirts and sunhats.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're home

The A/C is working again after another expensive repair of $900. We had to be home yesterday afternoon while they worked on the unit, it was hot...88 degrees ( 31C ) inside! The outside temperature was 100 degrees ( 38C ). Michael and the girls cooled off with the gardenhose outside while me and the boys took a nice cool bath. And after the A/C was up and running we went for dinner at Ikea while the house was cooling down. According to the service guy the unit looks really good so hopefully we won't have any more problems this season.

Since Michael is on vacation right now we were planning to take a trip to visit relatives in California but after spending all that time and money on the A/C we decided to stay home or possibly just go on a shorter trip. We have another 2 weeks before he goes back to work so we'll see what we end up doing.
Here are a few pictures from our hotel room.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have to make another post tonight with some positive news! The boys are rolling over from front to back! Jacob rolled over for the first time last week, I think it was Monday July 7th. And Lucas did it for the first time yesterday. Now they consistently do it and they seem so proud of themselves. They are very close to rolling from back to front as well so I think it will be any day now. They are getting so big!

Hotel stay

I'm writing this post from a hotel room. It's the second night this week we stay at a hotel and we're not on vacation. Our A/C stopped working! And in Texas that's bad! When it first happened on Monday a guy came out and told us we needed a whole new system for minimum $5500, he said he could replace a part for $250 and get it running again but that it would probably die again in a day or so. We decided to get a second opinion and the other gentleman that came out said he did not think we needed a new system and he replaced the part for $130. The A/C worked for 2 days and this afternoon it stopped again. We're thinking the first guy may have been right. We're still happy we went with the other company though because if we indeed need a new A/C they can put in the same system ( the $5500 one that the first guy recommended ) for $4300. Still a lot of money but what are you gonna do. We'll just add it to the debt we already have. They are coming out tomorrow afternoon so we'll find out then.
On a positive note...the hotel is free! Michael has so many points on his Hilton rewards card that we could stay here free for 2 weeks. And the room is really nice. It's a one bedroom suite with a living room with a sleeper sofa and a kitchen. So the girls sleep in the living room and Michael and I sleep with the boys in the King size bed in the bedroom.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bathroom - before and after.

We are almost finished! We still need to paint the trim and caulk in some places but it looks pretty much done so I went ahead and took some pictures.
Here's before

The girls wanted to help, here's Maddie stripping wallpaper

We left some artwork behind the mirror.

And this is after.

This little room sure took a lot of work. We stripped the wallpaper...that took forever. Primed the walls, texturized the walls, primed again and painted. Added hardware to the cabinets, a new towelbar and a new faucet. We spray painted the light fixture and framed the mirror. We did most of the work at night after the kids had gone to bed. I don't think we went to bed before 2am one single day this week. It was exhausting but had to be done.

We are very happy with the way it turned out and we didn't spend that much money. Our next projects will be the master bathroom and the kitchen but that will have to wait a little while.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence day!

Today was another busy day with a mix of fun and must do's.
Here's our day in pictures.

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and for dessert Michael and the girls had strawberry shortcakes while I had dairy free apple pie with soy ice cream.

Jacob was very tired and fell asleep in his chair with puppydog.
Lucas and Daddy.
Michael, Maddie and Lily went to freedom fest. The girls played some games and got face paint.

After a swim in the pool Michael, Maddie and Lily went to watch the fireworks. I discovered that I could see it from our backyard and took this picture from our "clubhouse".

One of our many geckos was sitting next to the door as I was going inside.

After Michael,Maddie and Lily came home we went out and lighted some sparklers that Chris and Sarah gave us the other day.

As I'm writing this the kids are sleeping and Michael is finishing up the bathroom. Last night he went to change the faucet only to discover that a part was missing. So he went to Home depot this morning for an exchange. He needs to finish because tomorrow he's leaving for work and right now we don't have water in the sink. And I need to get back to folding laundry.
Happy Independence day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This morning Michael took the girls to the movies. Our local movie theatre is doing summer movie camp and every Wednesday morning they show a different movie, the price is $1. Today they showed "The Waterhorse". The girls really liked it. Afterwards they ran some errands and then they picked up lunch at Mcdonalds.

The other day I got a used stroller, for free, from another fellow mother of multiples. Not that I really need another stroller but this one will be great for travelling. It's a double umbrella stroller and it's much smaller and lighter than our new Bumbleride. I also don't like the idea of bringing our new stroller on an airplane. This one is 4 years old, it was pretty dusty because it had been sitting in their garage for the past 2 years. Except for some tears on the handles it is in pretty good shape. I completely took it apart today so that I could clean the seat etc. I had to unscrew it in about 20 places! After cleaning it and putting it back together it looks great. The boys took a test ride inside (and out on the deck for a few minutes but it was too hot to be outside, about 35C). They seem to like it. Here's some pics.

Other than that we spent the day working on our bathroom project. We are renovating our second bathroom. It was in pretty bad shape. We're hoping to be done tomorrow and I will post some pictures.