Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 months!

Lucas and Jacob are 7 months old today! Here's what's going on with them at this stage. Both of them are practicing sitting up, Lucas is able to sit up a little bit longer than Jacob. Jacob however is rolling everywhere and starting to army crawl a little bit. Lucas can roll from front to back but he's a little lazy and mostly do it in his crib. They like to grab toys and everything goes into the mouth of course. They try to grab our plates when sitting in our laps at the dinner table and trying to get a drink without spilling when holding one is almost impossible because they go right for the glass. Both are teething which makes for some unhappy faces at times. Personality wise they still seem a lot alike but I'm sure we will notice more differences as they become mobile and starts to communicate more. The other day Lily told Maddie she could tell one of the babies was Jacob because he is so curious, I thought that was cute.

This morning Michael did something funny. The girls and I had just come back from the birthday party and the boys were waking up from their nap. Michael went and picked up Lucas and came into the bedroom. After a couple of minutes he realized he wasn't talking to Lucas, it was Jacob. He had mixed them up before putting them to bed so Jacob slept in Lucas's bed and Lucas slept in Jacob's. We have never mixed them up like that before and I can't believe he did that...too funny!

Here's a video of our handsome boys. If you're wondering about the background noise it's just Michael cooking :).

Sweet Jacob

Here's a short video of Jacob laughing. He has such a wonderful laugh I had to post it :).

Friday, August 29, 2008


The first week of school is over! The girls have had a fun week and both are pretty tired tonight. We rented a movie at blockbuster but only watched half of it because Maddie was about to fall asleep, we'll finish it tomorrow.
This morning Michael, the boys and I went with Maddie and Lily to school for the weekly Friday assembly. And after that I went to a consignment sale that is going on today and this weekend. I was mainly looking for some fun toys for the boys but only found a few along with a couple of books for Maddie and Lily. Most things were a little overpriced for being used. 
Monday is a holiday, Labor day, so no school. It would have been nice to sleep in tomorrow but we actually have a birthday party to go to that starts at 9:30am! A little early for a birthday party but it's a backyard party so they're trying to avoid the worst heat. It'll be fun! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chiropractor visit

Jacob has been having some issues with his back. It's probably been going on since birth but we didn't really notice until 2 weeks ago. Or actually, I've noticed but haven't thought too much about it until now. He likes to keep his back curved to the right. Any position he's in he tends to lean to the right, when he lays on his back he makes a little C shape. I took him to see the Nurse practitioner at our pediatricians office last Monday and she diagnosed him with Torticollis. Torticollis is a shortening in the neck muscle on one side which makes the baby look to one direction. I was told to do stretching with him at home for this. And she also wanted us to go see a Chiropractor to rule out any issues with his spine or neck. I went home and did some research about it and was searching online for exercises I could do with him. After reading more I strongly felt that he was misdiagnosed, he does not have any issues turning his head either direction etc. We did go ahead and take him to the Chiropractor yesterday. The Chiropractor could definitely tell he has some issues going on but she also agreed with me that he does not have torticollis. I can't explain it the way she did but basically his back is uneven and it's pretty visible when he's undressed and you look in a certain angle. There's kind of a hump on the left side of his spine. The Chiropractor said this is not to uncommon but most people don't see it until the baby starts walking so we did a good job noticing it. She thinks that she can help and wants to see him every day until next Wednesday ( total of 6 visits because she's not working Friday, Saturday, Sunday ). We're hoping that will be enough. The adjustment was very quick and gentle. Basically just a gentle squeeze around the spine, no twisting or anything like you probably picture a Chiropractor doing. Jacob didn't say a word. I actually think I see an improvement from just that one adjustment or maybe I'm just imagining.
The boys are taking their morning nap right now and when they wake up we're off to the Chiropractor again!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lily riding her bike

After one day of practice Lily can ride her bike without training wheels! We have tried to get her to try it for 6 months or so without much interest from her side. And then 2 weeks ago I talked to Lily's friend Olivia's mom and she was telling me how Olivia is practicing to ride her bike without training wheels. Lily has a competitive side to her so when I told her that she wanted to go out and practice right away. The first day she practiced for about 20-30 minutes, it was pretty hot outside and she was all dressed up to protect her if she would fall :). The next day Michael was helping her for about 5 minutes and then she was able to do it all on her own.
That girl is a quick learner! Here's proof.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

NICU reunion

This afternoon we had a reunion with the NICU staff. It was so much fun to see everybody again, the Dr's and nurses! We saw our friends that stayed there at the same time as us and we made some new friends. The girls played with Sarah and Chris's older son Griffin. We had cake, cookies and ice cream...well, I didn't since I'm still on a restricted diet due to breastfeeding but everyone else did. We took some pictures with one of our wonderful NICU nurses, Julie! She was in the delivery room the morning Lucas and Jacob were born.

Julie and the boys ( Jacob-left, Lucas-right )

And here we are with our friends, Teresa, me, Julie, Sarah( we were all dressed the same by coincidence ).

Maddie and Lily in the rain

This was 2 weeks ago. Thank you mormor and morfar for the rain clothes!

Back to school...

Last night was "meet the teacher" night at Maddie and Lily's school. Maddie is going into 2nd grade and Lily starts Kindergarten this year! They are growing up so quickly! So yesterday was the day we found out what class they were going to be in and what teacher they will have. We made predictions before and both girls were wishing for a particular teacher. There are 6 classes in each grade so there were a lot of possibilities. Anyway, Maddie wished for Ms K and Lily was hoping for Mrs E. At 4pm they posted the classlists at the school and we were there to find out! Both girls got the teacher they wished for, they were so happy! And Michael and I are very excited cause both these teachers seem really good. Like Maddie's 1st grade teacher said when we went to visit her last night, Mrs E is the epitome of a Kindergarten teacher, just like you would picture in a movie! She is so sweet and great with the children. I think she hugged all the kids last night and they all got a little gift with a note that ended with "I love you". I would have to say the same thing about Ms K, she's the perfect 2nd grade teacher. And Maddie was excited to have 3 of her close friends from 1st grade in her class. Ms K had seated her next to one of her best friends, K. I have a feeling this will be a great year!

Here's the note that Lily got from Mrs E along with a gift bag containing a pencil, book marker and a penny.

Welcome to Mrs E's class

Welcome to Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I welcome you to Kindergarten
We'll have a super year!
This little gift I give to you
Because I'm glad you are here!

This pencil will help you write your best.
The book marker is for reading each day.
The penny is for luck each night,
As I send you on your way.

I hope you have a special year.
I love you one and all.
Stick with me do your work,
And we will have a ball!

I love you!
Mrs E

Friday, August 15, 2008


Maddie and Lily got their hair cut today. They look so pretty! We are ready for the new schoolyear to begin, just one more week. Both girls can't wait, they're counting the days :).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New addition to the family....

We are now owners of a cute little black and white, 2 year old, Guinea pig!
Maddie and Lily have been asking for a pet for a long time and Michael and I was talking about it just a couple of days ago. Then, last night I get an email from a friend in my Swedish moms group saying they were in search of a new home for their Guinea pig, Lightning. I emailed her back and said we'd love to take him so this morning Lena and her two girls came and dropped off Lightning with his cage, accessories and food ( all for free ). Maddie and Lily were ecstatic when we told them at breakfast that they would become pet owners in just a couple of hours. Here are some pics. BTW, Lightning now has a new name....Cookie!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nice day at the park.

We had a nice break in the heat today ( well...the first part of the day at least ) due to tropical storm Edouard moving in over Texas. So after the boys had their morning nap we went to the community playground/park. Maddie and Lily rode their bikes. Lukie and Jakie got to try the swing for the first time, they loved it. They were too small for it so one of us had to hold them and gently swing them back a forth. I took some pictures with Michael's iphone, I'm using it since my phone is mysteriously missing ;).It was still hot though ( about 85 degrees/30C ) and after a little while the boys looked really warm and we had to head back home but it was nice to go outside even for just a short while.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot summer

Today we've had 104 degrees ( 40C ) outside! I was watching the news this morning and they said that so far this summer we've had 23 days of temperatures above 100 degrees. But the record was back in 1980 when they had 68 days above 100 degrees. The air quality is so poor that they recommend people to stay inside. And several people in the area have died due to the's really that bad. And this afternoon I saw a guy running past our house with a child in a jogging stroller! It was late afternoon so the sun was not that high but it was still hot...right now at 8:30pm it's still 100 degrees outside.

Mornings are not too bad. Michael and I have been taking turns taking the boys for a walk early in the morning. But with Michael gone I can't do that since Maddie and Lily sleep pretty late. This morning around 7am the boys and I went out on our deck and blew soapbubbles, our deck is shaded in the morning so that was nice.
See how excited they look ;).