Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 months old!

The boys are 8 months old today! A lot has happened this past month.

Lucas is now rolling everywhere. He used to pretty much stay in one place, no more! He likes to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. He can sit really well and unless he gets very excited or stretch out a little too far for a toy he won't fall. He likes to rock himself back and forth while sitting as well. And when we sing he starts to rock, I think he's dancing! He has two teeth but the top two have almost cut through if not already so that will make four.

Guess who's crawling!? Yes, Jacob! Maybe I shouldn't call it crawling, it's more a mix of army crawl, twisting and scooting. But he is definately going places without having to roll. He will also get up on all fours and rock. And he tries to sit up from that position. He is not strong enough to sit unsupported for a longer period of time and we haven't practiced with him lately due to his back. We've been encouraged to let him build up is strength by being on the floor and he certainly is getting stronger. Jake has one tooth but a second one is very close, you can see the white under his gum.

We are giving them solids twice a day now. So far we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, bananas, pears, yellow squash, rice cereal and oatmeal. I can't say they are crazy about any of it yet :). The favorite so far is oatmeal, by favorite meaning they will eat more than a few spoonfuls before starting to gag. Jacob is drinking really well from a sippycup while Lucas hasn't quite figured it out, he likes to use the cup as a teething toy instead. Every day is full of new discoveries, this is such a fun age!

Radiologist report

Yesterday they called from our Pediatricians office to let us know they got the report from the Radiologist. Everything came back normal! That's a relief! But it doesn't change the fact that he has some issues that we need to work on. ECI is coming back at the end of next week to set up a plan for him. They will be showing us exercises and other things we can do with him. Hopefully things will resolve quickly.

Good morning

The first thing Maddie did this morning when she woke up was to go say good morning to the boys, like she always does. They were already awake and playing in the living room. She went and sat down on the floor and picked up a boy.

Maddie: Is this Lucas?
Me ( from the kitchen ): No I think that's Jacob.
Maddie ( looking from one boy to the other ): Are you sure?
I went a little closer: Yes I'm sure.
Maddie ( looking a little confused ): So that's Lucas? ( pointing at Lucas )
Me: No that's Peter ( I couldn't help it, she was too funny ).

For a few seconds she looked really confused and then she got it .
Maddie: But they look the same!

Usually she's pretty good at telling them apart and so is Lily. I guess she was tired this morning :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jacob and Lucas

Jacob - left, Lucas - right

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucas and Jacob

Lucas - left, Jacob - right.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Parent-Teacher conference

Today we had a conference with Lily's teacher. We all ( me, Michael and the boys ) went and we got there a little early so we could say hi to the girls. Lily was on her way to music class and Maddie was just finishing lunch. They were both excited to see us of course ;).
Mrs E had only good things to say about Lily. She is very impressed with Lily in general. Her reading skills are amazing. When they leave Kindergarten their goal for the children is to be at a reading level 6, when Mrs E tested Lily she stopped at level 20! She could have kept going which is amazing for a Kindergartner. Her math skills are also very advanced and she already knows everything and more than she's supposed to learn this year. Mrs E also said she's very thorough in her work, making sure everything is perfect. We don't always see that at home as she tends to be in a hurry with a lot of things but from looking at her pictures and work at school you can tell she's really paying attention when something's important to her. We are so proud of her!

We also took Jake to get x-rayed this morning. We were in and out in 20 minutes and he did great! No answers yet though. We got copies of the film but there's no way we can interpret them so we're just waiting to hear from our pediatrician. First the radiologist will look at them and he will report to our pediatrician who in turn will call us. They tend to be pretty busy so we don't expect a call until next week.

This afternoon the girls are having a play date with Nick. Michael got the water slide inflated and the pool filled up so they can have fun in the backyard. Before we know it'll be too cold for swimming so we're trying to enjoy the last days of summer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jacob update

We took Jacob to our Pediatrician today. She agreed with the Physical therapist that his issues are probably due to low muscle tone on his right side. We didn't tell her anyting of what the PT said so she basically said the same thing without being influenced. But she does want to rule out any issues with his spine so she is sending him for x-rays. We're taking him tomorrow but won't get any results until sometime next week. Here's a picture of our little man looking very cool in his guitar t-shirt :).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Video of Lucas ( and briefly Lily )

Maddie's school assignment

Last week Maddie had to bring a special picture to school to talk about. After standing in front of the class and sharing with her friends they were supposed to draw a picture and write a little about it. She chose to bring this picture and this is what she wrote:

"This was last year on summer break. I was helping my dad drive the boat. And I went in the front of the boat and smelled the ocean water and it didn't smell bad at all!"

Dentist appointment and party preparations

Maddie and Lily had their biannual dental check up today. Michael picked them up a little early from school for a 2pm appointment. None of the girls had any cavities. Lily received an A and Maddie got a B+ ( yes they grade them on their brushing ). The only reason Maddie got a B is that she gets a lot of tartar build up on her teeth, probably due to her allergies that makes her breath through her mouth at night. We still help them brush so it's not her brushing. 
After the appointment they went and bought party invitations for Lily's upcoming birthday party and the rest of the afternoon she and I spent writing and decorating her cards. She's inviting the whole class and we're having the party at the same pizza place that Maddie had her party this year ( 3 days after Lucas and Jacob were born ). I just could not imagine having the party at our house with all the preparations and entertaining that it involves. Her birthday is in 10 days and she's so excited. Maddie and I went shopping for her birthday gifts the other day. We were able to find some things she's been wishing for so I think she'll be happy. I can't believe our baby girl is almost 6 years old!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Visit with ECI

Today we had a visit with three therapists from ECI that did an evaluation of the boys development. ECI stand for early childhood intervention and is a statewide program that offers services for families of children with delays in development and/or disabilities. The boys were evaluated in these areas:

Cognitive: playing, learning and thinking
Motor: gross, fine and oral
Communication: understanding and responses in communicating with others
Social-emotional: interactions and behavior
Self-help skills: feeding

They both scored at 6 months in all areas! Even though the boys are almost 8 months old this is really good considering they were born 5 weeks early and the fact that boys tend to develop a little later than girls. Lucas did not qualify for any services. Jacob did only because he has issues with his back. The Physical therapist did a thorough examination of his back and could clearly see the issues we are concerned about. His back is still uneven and the left side of his spine protrudes and is hard and the right side is a little sunken and very soft. When sitting he leans to his right. The therapist is obviously not a medical doctor but she had a couple of different theories on what could be going on. What she feels it is most likely to be is that the muscles on his left side are overdeveloped due to compensating for low muscle tone on the right. This could have been caused due to poor position in utero. There could also be a rotation in his spine but that would be impossible to tell without x-rays or other testing. The spine itself feels straight. The next step is to go back to the pediatrician for another examination and then possibly getting a referral to a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor. And then we will work with ECI for any physical therapy that might be needed or they will just keep in touch with us to see how things develop in case we need any assistance in the future.
The visit took place during nap time so Lucas and Jacob were pretty tired. They still performed well and were in a good mood but at the end as we were talking Lucas fell asleep in my arms and Jacob was very close to falling asleep several times. All in all it was a good visit and we're happy that they are on track in their development.

We can also report that we have two more teeth! Lucas now has two and Jacob has one.

Friday, September 19, 2008


This week has been the week of playdates. Maddie played with her friend Taylor on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And we just this week found out that a boy, Nick, from Lily's class lives three doors down from us and he and Lily played Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday Maddie went with Lily to Nick's house. Lily is so excited to have a friend to play with after school and she and Nick get along really well. Although she loves girly stuff like ponies, princesses, makeup etc she's somewhat of a tomboy. Every day at recess she plays with Nick or Kenny, Lily and Kenny went to preschool together and Kenny is also in Kindergarten but not in the same class.
And the boys and I had two playdates this week. On Tuesday we met with Brenda and her girls at a park. It was a beautiful day. The weather has been really nice all week, chilly mornings but warm days. On Thursday we had playgroup with our MOM's group ( mothers of multiples ) here at our house. All the babies are getting so big and active, three of them ( Jill's triplets ) are already crawling but they are also the oldest. They really enjoyed our new toys that Fredrik and Brenda gave us since their girls don't play with them anymore. We have a little playarea set up in the living room which is where we spend most of our time with the boys nowadays.

Here's a picture of our little playarea.

It's a nice and bright spot in the room.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy week

This week we've accomplished a lot of things. We've cleaned the house, changed around the furniture and organized our bedroom as well as Maddie's and Lily's. Michael finished painting and caulking in the bathroom. I gave Michael a haircut. We've taken the boys to Dr's appointments and we had a meeting with ECI (early childhood intervention - I'll tell you more about that after our next meeting in 2 weeks when they will do an assessment of the boys ) at our house. We went shopping at Ikea and Whole foods. Michael cut the grass and we cleaned up the backyard. We also had time for some fun. Sunday we had our annual crayfish party with our good friends Fredrik and Brenda. Monday the boys and I had a play date at our house with Nikki, Hayden and Ella ( 8 months old ). Tuesday I went to a mothers of multiples meeting and on Wednesday we met with our Swedish playgroup at a park. As you can tell we've been really busy and we're pretty tired by now. Tomorrow is Michaels last day off and before he leaves I need to go grocery shopping once again. We are also preparing for Ike, the tropical storm that is supposed to pass right over us on Saturday. We've stocked up on water and batteries. Depending on how bad the forecast looks tomorrow night Michael will ask to stay home from work until the storm has passed. Hopefully it won't be too bad since we are pretty far inland.

We see a tooth!

Michael noticed this morning that Lucas bottom right tooth is peeking out! The first tooth with many to follow ;). He is exactly the same age as Maddie was when she got her first tooth. I only remember because it was the days around 9/11. I can't remember how old Lily was, I'm sure I have it written down somewhere, but I think she was around 7 months as well. I bet Jacob will get his first tooth soon also.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

7 month stats

The boys had a good check up today. Here are their stats.

Weight                            17lbs2.5oz ( 7780g )   23%ile
Length                            27 inches   ( 67.5cm )  46%ile
Head circ.                       17 inches    ( 42.5cm )  18%ile

Weight                            16lbs12.5oz   ( 7610 )     18%ile
Height                             26.5inches    ( 66cm )    27%ile
Head circ.                       17inches        ( 42.5cm ) 18%ile

We've been given the go ahead to introduce solids. We're planning to make our own organic baby food. I cant wait to see what they think.

I have a cold :(.

It started Monday night, Lucas woke up about an hour after I put him to bed and was all congested. He didn't sleep well at all that night and woke up every 15-40 minutes and I had to pick him up and let him nurse a little to to help clear his congestion. We finally got up at 5:30am, I was exhausted! Jacob woke up that morning with a runny nose as well. But it didn't last long, by the evening they were miraculously better. No sign of a cold since, that's the power of breastfeeding ;). I on the other hand woke up the next morning with a terrible head cold. My head felt like a balloon and my nose was constantly dripping all day...yuck. I still had to get up and get the girls to school, take Jacob to the Chiropractor, stop at the grocery store since we were out of bread and milk, pick up the girls from school, cook dinner, help them with homework and give them a bath. It was a really hard day! I just wanted Michael to come home so I could go to bed. He's actually on his way now, 1 day early, and of course I'm feeling much better. I could still use a nap though and today will be a busy day so I'm glad he's coming home. Today we're going to the Chiropractor ( again ), it'll hopefully be our last visit other than a follow up in a week. Jacob is responding really well to treatment and his back looks so much better! Then we have the boys 6 month check up ( a month late ) this afternoon and tonight we have curriculum night at school. Curriculum night is when the teachers talk to the parents about what they will be learning at school the upcoming year as well as talking about any particular procedures or rules they have in the classroom. We also get to meet the "speacials" teachers, ie; music, art, computer, PE.

Lucas also has some exciting news. He's rolling both ways! A couple of weeks behind Jacob but there's no stopping him now! It's funny because Jacob will start something new sooner but for him it's a slow process with lots of practice and when Lucas gets there it's like he learns instantly. We could see it at the hospital already. Jacob took the bottle days before Lucas, they started him with 2 a day and slowly added more as he built up his stamina ( the rest of the feedings were tubefed ). We were told that Jacob would probably come home a few days before Lucas. But then Lucas took the bottle and quickly caught up with Jacob. I guess Jacob is the leader but Lucas is a quick learner :).