Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lily singing

Here's a video of Lily singing a couple of songs she learned in school. The first one, the leaf song, her class performed at assembly on Halloween. Our sweet girl loves to sing!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday afternoon grandma Eva ( Michael's mother ) arrived from Sweden. We were all so excited to see her, especially the girls who have been counting down the days for weeks. The boys were very curious from the beginning. They watched her intensely and made their way closer and closer until they let her pick them up. 
Today we've enjoyed and a nice Thanksgiving together. We made a Thanksgiving meal with chicken ( instead of turkey ) and the traditional mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy etc. For dessert we made a pecan pie. I was unfortunately not able to eat the pie since I'm still on a "breast feeding diet" of no dairy and soy but that's ok. It's been a really nice day although we missed Michael who had to work, he's coming home tomorrow and we're looking forward to a fun week together.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Swedish lessons

Maddie has become good friends with a girl named Nilsson ( yes that's her first name and it's her mothers maiden name ) in school. Nilsson is half Swedish, 3rd generation. They used to be in separate classes but since a few weeks ago they have been merged to one big class and are being team teached by their teachers who happens to be identical twin sisters...isn't that cool :). I'm not exactly sure why this is supposed to be beneficial ( I was not able to go to the informational breakfast meeting ) but it's the new thing out here and apparently there's positive research on this. Anyway, the other week when Maddie was "Star student" her friends learned that she was Swedish and although I knew Nilsson is half Swedish and I know her parents the girls never showed much interest in getting to know each other until now. We even visited her grandparents in Colorado on our trip there last fall, they own a Swedish store up there. So lately Maddie and Nilsson have been getting together every recess and Maddie gives Nilsson Swedish lessons. They are having so much fun doing this, it's great! 

Fun Run video

Here's a few clips from the Fun Run.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boosterthon Fun Run

Yesterday was the annual fundraiser for Maddie and Lily's school. The PTA organizes a yearly event to raise money in order to make improvements to our school and sponsor extracurricular activities for our students. In previous years we have had carnivals but this year they decided to have a "Fun Run". The students were supposed to find sponsors that would make a pledge in their name, either a flat donation or an amount per lap they would run. When we first heard about this we were a little disappointed because it didn't sound like as much fun as a carnival but it turned out to be really great. At 8:30am all the Kindergartners (Lily) and 1st graders ran and at 9:30am it was the 2nd graders (Maddie) and 3rd graders turn. The children ran, walked, skipped and danced along with some upbeat music and they were joined by their teachers and coaches. Michael, I and the boys were there the whole time to cheer them on. 
I talked a little with Maddie's teacher as I picked up the girls this afternoon and she said that the kids had so much fun that when they got back to their classroom afterwards they asked if they could go out and run some more. Here are some pictures. It was a beautiful morning.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not enough time...

It's been 10 days since my last post. Not because I haven't had things to write about but it seems as thought there's not enough hours in a day to do it all. I have been so busy with the kids, keeping the boys happy and safe, getting the girls to and from school on time, making sure they get their homework done each day, and keeping the house semi orderly and clean. 

We have now come down with a cold. It started with the girls then Jacob got it and just yesterday Lucas and I started sniffling. Lucas woke up every hour last night and has been pretty miserable all day. I'm not feeling very good either. Oh fun! I'm sure it's not our last cold this season.

So last week Maddie was the "Star student" at school. Each week one of the students are chosen as "Star student" and this is an opportunity for the rest of the class to get to know this person a little bit better. As "Star Student" you get to bring 4 items with special meaning to share with the class along with 6 pictures and a letter written by the parents. This person gets to stand in front of the class and share this and tell them more about themselves. Everyone in the class will then make a page with a picture and facts about the Star Student and together it makes a little book for the child to keep. It is very special for the child and Maddie really enjoyed the attention she got last week. Here's a picture her teacher Ms. C took.

This week is Michaels week home and we have a long list of things to get done. On top of the list is baby proofing. The playpen we ordered a while back has arrived so we will set that up along with a gate by the hallway leading to the girls rooms. We also have a few furniture that needs to be attached to the wall, some decorative items like lamps and plants that will need to be relocated temporarily, some kitchen cabinets need locks and I will need to make sure all electrical outlets have plugs etc. I will feel much better after this is done. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday!

I can't believe it's already Friday! I only like Fridays every other week and this is not the one. The reason for this is that Michael leaves for work every other Saturday and gets home the following Friday. The day before he leaves is always a busy day. This evening we've been doing family homework, disguising a turkey, which Lily needs to bring to school on Monday. We disguised the turkey as Santa, we did the same project when Maddie went to Kindergarten and that time we made the turkey a snowman. It's kind of a fun project. Maddie worked on things she needs for "Star student" next week, I'll write more about that next week.

This week we have done lots of things. Monday we had our last weekly therapy session for Jacob, from now on it'll be monthly visits. He's doing very well. Also on Monday Michael had a little incident picking up the girls from school, he accidentally hit a RV that was parked a little awkwardly outside school. Unfortunately our van sustained quite a bit of damage so it is now in the body shop and won't be done for another 2 weeks or so. In the meantime we have a rental car, also a minivan but not as nice as ours. It's a Toyota Sienna, basic model, and I really miss our rearview camera and entertainment system among other things. Oh well, nobody was hurt and it could have been a lot worse.

Wednesday we had playgroup at our house, it's really fun to see how all the babies are developing. Maddie and Lily have had a couple of play dates this week, at our house and at Lily's friend Kenzie’s. Michael also had a chance to get out one night and hang out with a Swedish pilot friend who was in the area. We also did an IKEA run; Lily desperately needed a hutch for her desk to organize her pens, notepads, scissors etc. It turned out really nice. 

What else did we do? Oh yeah, two trips to whole foods, one trip to Wal-Mart, one trip to the hobby store for supplies to our turkey project, one dentist visit and Michael took the girls to the pool at the rec. center one day. No wonder it feels like this week went by fast!

Oh and we have more teeth news. Maddie lost another tooth Wednesday. The Tooth fairy made a visit that night but oddly enough she forgot to take the tooth and just left money under the pillow, it must have been one tired fairy ;). She did come back the next night to get it. Also, today we noticed that Lucas has a new tooth on the bottom and we can see two more on the way on top. So that's 5 teeth for Lucas and 2 more on the way!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treats for the troops, a trip to the dentist

I wrote this draft on Tuesday so I'm a little late posting it, sorry ;).

Maddie and Lily's dentist has been collecting treats for the troops in the past two days. All of her patients were welcomed to bring in their leftover Halloween candy in return for cash at 50 cents a pound. All the candy will be donated to the troops. We made a deal with Maddie and Lily Friday, they were allowed to eat all the candy they wanted thru the weekend and the rest we would give away. So today we put all of the girls candy along with the candy we had bought to hand out to kids in a bag and brought it to the dentist office. 8lbs total! The girls were happy to trade for money. 
Since we were going to the dentist anyway we decided to bring the boys and see if the dentist could take a quick look at Jake's front tooth/swollen gums. His upper right tooth has been halfway thru the gum for several weeks, i.e. the left corner and a big triangular slice has come out but the right corner is still embedded in the gum and it's very swollen. The dentist was able to squeeze us in. She took a x-ray and did a brief exam. The x-ray showed something very interesting. It looks like little Jake have an extra tooth next to the one that's "stuck". It looks like it's about to come out, possibly sideways. The dentist said it may be loose so that she can just remove it after it comes out or it could be attached to the tooth next to it and if it is she will just leave it. We have an appointment to come back in 6 weeks to see in anything has changed. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday was Halloween. After Maddie and Lily came home from school we ate cupcakes and drank witches brew(with dry ice). Later Michael used the dry ice to make water bottles explode, very much a Michael experiment ;). The girls love experiments and it was fun to watch. Then we carved pumpkins...well, Michael did. Maddie had chosen a template with mice and Lily wanted stars and a moon.

After dinner the kids dressed up and we went tick or treating with the neighbors, Lily's classmate-Nick. Maddie dressed up as Hannah Montana, Lily dressed up as an angel and the boys were puppy dogs.

After trick or treating we headed to Kelly and Joe's(Nick's parents)house where they had a Halloween party. BTW, Joe is also a pilot. They had invited some other neighbors along with some of their family members. We had a really good time but didn't stay very long as it was way past the boys bedtime. They were behaving very well though, everyone commented on how good they were. Since staying up so late we thought they'd sleep in this morning but oh no...Jakie was up at 6am and woke up the rest of the crew. I stayed in bed however and didn't get up until 10am :)!

Tonight we're setting back our clocks to adjust from daylight savings time. This probably means we'll get a 5am wake up call tomorrow, I'm sure it'll take a few days for the boys to adjust. I'm glad Michael is home because he usually gets up in the morning, that's only fair since I get up 4+ times a night. Right!?