Saturday, May 30, 2009

Water fun

The girls and I met up with some Swedish friends, Anki and Frida 6, at a local splash park today. It was hot and sunny and it was a perfect Saturday activity. It was the first time the girls met each other and they were a little shy at first but a few hours later they did not want to say goodbye. 

The girls did not want to come down and go home.

Back home we ate Hamburgers for dinner and afterwards we filled up the boys inflatable pool in the backyard. The water was a little cold but they enjoyed it, particularly Jacob. They mostly stood and played with the spray coming out of the turtle's head. After 3o minutes or so Jacob was so cold he was shaking and we had to go inside and give them a nice warm bath in the tub.
As always I had the camera right there and got some cute pictures. The boys swim trunks and shirts are actually from last year (size 6-12 months) and although the trunks fit just fine the shirts are getting a little small as you can see.


All four kids amazingly fit in there.




Lucas is waiting for his turn in the tub.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shopping with the boys

The boys and I went shopping at Kohls yesterday. Maddie needed new pajamas and since tomorrow is pajama day at school we needed them this week. We made our way to the girls department and I parked the stroller in the aisle while I was looking around. When I looked back at the boys a little while later Lucas had pulled down a whole bunch of girls underwear, they were all over the floor and he had a pair in his hands. Of course he tried them on his head, he does that with everything ;). I got my cell phone a snapped a few pictures.

Lucas putting on an innocent look.

Check these out!

Writers Celebration

Maddie had Writers Celebration this morning at school. All the children had written about their favorite moment from this year and got to share it in front of the class and all parents. The writing and illustrations were shown on the projector screen. She did an awesome job and looked so pretty and grown up, I'm so proud!

Maddie's story.

Her illustration; flat Maddie in the cockpit of the airplane.

Maddie reading her story.

Maddie reading.

The class and some parents.

Lily took this picture of me and Maddie this morning.

Siblings were not invited and parents were asked to arrange for childcare. I do not have anyone that I could ask to come watch the boys at 8am so I sent the teacher an email asking if I could please bring the boys. I said I promise to leave if they are disruptive but I don't think they will be. I jinxed myself!  After two presentations ( out of about 40 ) Lucas started crying, I think he got scared as some person who was late walked passed him real close to the stroller. I quickly left the classroom.  Totally stressed I quickly switched Lucas to the Baby Bjorn and put Jacob in the stroller and as I was about to walk back in a sweet mother who had a 3 month old baby with her came out and asked if she could help. She said that they had skipped over Maddie to wait for me. So I left Jacob with JoAnne (the other mother) and went back in. Maddie got to present right away and we quickly sneaked out again. It turns out JoAnne is the mother of Maddie's good friend Joseph. They moved to the area in the beginning of the year and Maddie and Joseph became friends and have been wanting to have a playdate. So now we've exchanged phone numbers and made plans for getting the kids together. Maddie will be so excited!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just some pictures


Lily and Maddie under water.

Lucas is trying out the new booster chairs that we bought to bring on our trips.

Lucas getting comfortable at the restaurant, feet on the table.

Jakie looking puzzled.

At the restaurant. Only Maddie and Lily are eating since it turned out that everything there was cooked using soybean oil, they had told us differently on the phone.

Lucas about to loose his diaper, it's not easy to get it on properly when he won't lay still ;).

Jakie made it inside the toy(laundry)basket all by himself and he is so proud!

Lucas decided he wanted to get in too but it got to be a little crowded.

Jakie has seen Lily standing on the window ledge and is trying to do the same.

Monday, May 25, 2009

So much to do

As always there is a million things that needs to be done around here. As we check things off "the list" new things pop up and it's a never ending cycle. But last week we got a lot of things done, several big things that have been on "the list" for months. Michael repaired our fence, replacing some boards and nails, and it looks great! We got the weeds out of the flower beds along with some dead plants, it was a major job and it wasn't so much weeds as grass which is so much harder to pull up. Now we have very nice looking, freshly mulched ( at least in the backyard) flowerbeds. We have also replaced the gravel that was under our swingset with mulch, another heavy job. Michael replaced some trim on the outside of the house and rebuilt our shelving system in our closet that fell down when Maddie and Lily decided to climb on it. We also cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and drawers. This was on top of planning our trip to Sweden, looking for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, applying for passports, 2 parent teacher conferences and all the usual stuff. It feels great when things get done!

The kids are all doing well and we've enjoyed a long weekend (Memorial day today), unfortunately Michael had to work. The girls had a friend sleep over on Saturday which was fun.

Our backyard. The flowerbeds are a little sparse but it still looks a lot nicer.

Lily and Maddie at the pool yesterday.

Lily jumping. There were some really dark clouds moving in and it did start to rain eventually.

The boys having a snack and watching the kids in the pool.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazing student and passport photos

Second post for tonight ;).

Today I had the end of the year conference with Lily's teacher. I am so proud and amazed by this little girl! Her teacher only had wonderful things to say about her. First of all she is very friendly, polite and helpful. She has lots of friends and is liked by everyone. Academically she is doing extremely well, she is so smart! She excels in every subject. On her reading assessment she scored on the same level as 4th grade students!!!! All her other scores were 100%! Her teacher said she has no concerns what so ever and she said she would love to see what becomes of her when she grows up as she has such a bright future.
She recommended we'd have her try for the GT program next year (gifted program), she said she may or may not qualify since the test is not only academics but also IQ and problem solving. If she did qualify she would get to leave class for a few hours a week for a special class with other qualified students from other classes.

After the conference Lily got to go home with me because we had to take her and the boys to get passports for our upcoming trip to Sweden this summer.  It took us a little while to get all the documents and everything ready so by the time we made it to the post office we were a little late and the line was long! Since we had to pick up Maddie an hour later and the passport acceptance office closed at the same time we had no choice but postponing until tomorrow. Instead we went to a copy center for passport photos thinking it will save us some time tomorrow. Lily got her picture done first and then it was the boys turn. They sat still for several minutes but did not look straight into the camera so the guy never got a shot. Finally the boys had had enough and wanted to take off and there was no way to get them to sit still. We had no time left so we had to leave without pictures of the boys and made it home just in time to get Maddie. So after snack we went to our pharmacy to see if we could get some pictures there thinking that this may be a disaster ;). Not so! The young man working in the photo center went and got a poster board for a background, laid it on the floor and had the boys one by one lay down on it. Within seconds he had a good shot of each of them. We were so thankful to this guy but he said it usually takes much longer to get a good shot of little kids but he thought our boys must be the most well behaved little boys he's seen. Sweet comment but he should have seen them at the copy center earlier ;). 
So we finally have our photos and tomorrow we're off to get the passport applications sent out.

Beautiful weekend

I can't believe the weekend we've had in middle of May. It's been wonderful!
Saturday it rained all day. It was gray and cool and such a cozy day. Maddie and Lily played in the backyard and had a great time making a big mess in the mud.

Maddie got stuck in the mud.

Sunday morning when I got up with the boys the house felt very cold. I checked the weather and it was 13C outside. We just had to go outside, we quickly ate breakfast and got dressed and by 8am we left the house. Michael and the girls were still sleeping. We went on a nice long walk. I love early morning walks on a weekend because it's so quiet and peaceful. I love hearing the wind in the trees, the birds singing and the sparkling water in the plentiful pools people have in their backyards. Here's a few pictures, I wish they had sounds ;).

Ready to leave the house.

Lucas and Jacob

Our neighborhood.

The park is all empty.

Our house.

The rest of the day was really nice also, even today has been gorgeous.  From here on it's going to get warmer.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kisses and another favorite toy

The boys have been sharing kisses with us for a long time. They love giving kisses, maybe more so to me which is probably because I love to kiss on them :). There's been a few times where one of the boys have moved in on his brother looking as if he was going to give him a kiss but brother suspiciously moved away. I always wondered if they were moving in for a kiss or if they were about to do something else but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Well, today Jakie decided to give Lucas a kiss (on the mouth) and Lucas got the gesture and kissed him back....not once, not twice but three times! It melted my heart!

As we got home from school this afternoon Maddie took out one of her Fur real pets and gave to Jakie. He instantly fell in love with this white tiger that purrs and moves his paws. He hugged it closely and walked around the house for a long time. Lucas was very curious but Jacob was not sharing at first. After awhile Jacob decided to play with his favorite ball instead and Lucas quickly got hold of the tiger, he was ecstatic to get a turn.

Finally my turn says Lucas.


Jacob. Notice how his shorts are falling off.

Our boys are still so small, they're growing but not gaining much weight. At 15 months they are still wearing some 6-12 month clothes. The shorts Jacob is wearing in the picture is size 12 months and they are falling off. But no worries, they are healthy and doing just fine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another song from Lily

I just had to post another song from Lily's Mother's day performance. It's amazing what these little kids can learn. She sang this for me a couple of times at home prior to the performance and I was so impressed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day

Today was mother's day here in the United States. The girls had made me a ton of pictures and beautiful cards, as always. They are so sweet!

Lily and her class had a mother's day celebration last Thursday, the Kindergarteners always do this at our school and it's so precious! All the mothers were greeted in the hallway by their child, given a program and showed to their assigned seat. Then the children performed a few songs and a poem while most of us mothers were tearing up. Then we played a game. All the children had made a picture of their mother and all the pictures were numbered hanging on the wall. We then had to guess which picture were us. We were all surprisingly bad at this game, we went around the table 3 times and I got it right on my 3rd guess ;). After the game the children served us refreshments, Mrs E's husband had made chocolate chip cookies for us. We then looked at our mother's day folder with our child, it was full of pictures and cute stories they had written about us. It was very special and the children were so proud of themselves. I just love our school and the teachers that work there for making these wonderful and fun events for the families throughout the year.

Today we spent the day just hanging out at home. We decided to let the boys try coloring for the first time. At first they didn't quite know what to do but after some help from Maddie and Lily they managed to make some art ;).

The kids coloring.



Later in the afternoon we went out in the backyard. Maddie and Lily helped me clean up the little tikes car that's been sitting in the shed for the last couple of years. They boys loved it and I got tons of cute pictures, here's a few.


Jacob is in the car and Lucas is trying to get in from the wrong side.

Lucas is watching Jacob in the car.

Jacob at the steering wheel.

Lucas fever is gone but now he has a rash. Actually he's had the rash for awhile and Jacob looks like he has some too so it may be due to the fact that I ate a cookie at Lily's Mother's day celebration. I know, bad mommy. But I didn't eat the cookie because I wanted to for me, I ate it because sweet Lily served it to me along with all her friends serving their mothers and she sadly looked at me and said "you probably can't eat the cookies". So I decided to eat one thinking that it would be a little test for the boys. Now I'm confused though because their tummies have been fine but this rash could be due to the dairy or it could be related to a virus and Lucas fever...hmmm.

Anyway, I hope everyone (all my American friends) had a nice mothers day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The start of a new week

To me it feels like Saturday is the first day of the week. Saturday is the day Michael leaves for work and Saturday is his first day off from work, alternating. This morning he had to leave early at 5am. Around the same time Michael got up Lucas woke up crying and feverish. He's had a fever again since Thursday, he had it last weekend and then he got better for a few days. I got him out of bed, gave him motrin and nursed him for comfort. He did not go back to sleep so we got up to say goodbye to daddy. Maddie also woke up so the three of us watched Michael jumpstart the Volvo (it doesn't always start on it's own) at 5 in the morning. After he left Maddie crawled in to my bed while I walked around with Lucas trying to make him go to sleep. After 10 minutes or so I decided to put him in his bed and he quickly got comfortable and went back to sleep.
I haven't had to give him any motrin since this morning. He seemed a little warm when I put him to bed this evening but nothing like it's been the last couple of days. Hopefully he's back to normal soon.
We spent the day playing inside. Maddie and Lily had their friend Toni over for most of the day.
After the boys went to bed the girls and I played some games and they're now asleep, cuddled up together in Maddie's bed.


Brotherly interaction.

The boys having fun together.

Jacob had the wonderful idea of giving his favorite ball a ride on his favorite Pooh Bear car ( or train...whatever it is ).