Tuesday, September 29, 2009

20 months

The boys are yet another month older. Not that much has changed since last month. They've added a few words to their vocabulary and they continuously discover new areas to explore and new games to play. Lately they've been into stacking, they started out with food cans and cups but then we went ahead and bought them a set of foam blocks. They love stacking and then tearing down the towers. The good thing about these blocks are that they have letters and numbers printed on them so we're learning our abc's and 123's as we play. Ok, it's not like we're pushing them to learn the alphabet or numbers but they themselves show an interest in it which started from having their names in wooden letters above their beds. They love to point at them and say the letters. Right now it's mainly S, B, A and O and they can't really distinguish between them so they call all letters one of the above randomly.
Jacob has started pointing to things and ask "what's that?" but it sounds more like "ats dat?". He does this all the time and it's adorable.
Lucas likes to point at flowers and trees and he calls them both "mamma" (blomma=flower). Mommy is also "mamma" so that's a word we hear a lot from him. He also likes to point out shapes and letters. A few other words Lucas says a lot is "shars" (stars), "moo" (moon), bappan (lampan=lamp), "mat" (mat=food or matta=rug), "affle" (waffle), "guck" (truck) and "bi" (bil=car). Any vehicle larger than a car they call truck. They love watching the "gucks" (school buses) in the mornings.
Jacob likes to point out shapes and letters as well. He says pretty much the same words Lucas does but some of them sound a little different like for example "appena" is lampa=lamp and "omma" is blomma=flower.
Their favorite activities are probably: playing outside, taking showers and hiding in the kitchen cabinets or the pantry. Favorite toys are their ride ons, cars, trucks, blocks, shapes and books.

After walking Maddie and Lily to school in the mornings we usually stop to play at the park. The boys are getting really good at going down the big slides by themselves. Michael took these pictures with his iPhone this morning.

Lucas and Jacob

Lucas and front and Jacob behind.




Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Saturday

We've been very productive here today but let me tell you about our day from the beginning.
Maddie had her friend Taylor sleep over here last night so we had a fairly late night and an early morning. Ok, not so early for me since Michael got up with the kids and I got to sleep until 9AM but anyway. Taylors dad came and picked her up after breakfast since we had to go to ice skating lesson. We made it back home in time for lunch at which point Maddie and Lily ran over to our neighbors (Toni) as they were in the front yard having a yard sale. they ended up getting invited for lunch so Michael and I fed the boys and put them down for a nap. Last night Michael went over to one of our neighbors and borrowed a ladder so he could change the batteries in the smoke detector. We decided to keep it for a day and get some more use out of it so after the boys went to sleep we cleaned all our ceiling fans, light fixtures, a/c vents and high windows. We also took down our chandelier to spray paint it black like I've been wanting to do for a long time, I bought the spray paint over a year ago. Then we get a call from Taylors mom. She wanted to tell us that Taylor had suddenly become sick with a fever, head ache and cough. Oh great! She has not been to the Dr or anything but it's more than likely the swine flu since that's what's going around at school and those are the symptoms. If we dodge that one we're very lucky considering Maddie played with her all afternoon at her house and she then spent all evening at our house and practically shared a bed since they slept on mattresses on the floor. So now we just wait and hope.
After the boys woke up we all went to Lowes to pick up a few things. Can you believe the Christmas stuff is already out! We enjoyed playing with some of the dancing/singing santas and snowmen. But it's more than a little early for Christmas, let's enjoy fall and pumpkins first :).

Christmas stuff at Lowes.

Funny earmuffs.

Back home for dinner. Cleaning. Spray painting the chandelier. More cleaning. Showers and now we're gonna watch a movie and hopefully go to sleep early.
What a day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Random thoughts

Fall is officially here and we can feel it too. We've had nice cool mornings and comfortably warm days lately, just perfect. I just wish my allergies weren't bothering me as much as they do, I'm feeling pretty miserable right now. We've been playing out on the deck a lot these past few days, the boys love it. You may have noticed in some of our pictures that we've bought some new outdoor toys for the boys. We bought a Little Tikes playhouse, a Step2 roller coaster and a rocking horse. We got it all cheap off of Craigslist as they are used and the house needed some serious cleaning. The boys and even the girls love it! Last week I also "adopted" a cozy coupe car that had been sitting in our front yard for 2 weeks. I don't know where it came from and since nobody came to get it and it was sitting in our yard I decided it was finders keepers. If someone comes looking for it I'll of course return it but for now we're playing with it which means the boys each have a cozy coupe since we also have one from when the girls were little.

Yesterday morning a friend of mine dropped off a big bag of clothes for the boys. I got to know this woman through the mother of one of Maddie's friends, they're neighbors and she has twin boys that are about 9 months older than our boys. Several times I've been buying clothes from her and I was there just 2 weeks ago. Then this week I got an email from her saying that she didn't sell everything and she wanted to drop the rest off for me to see if I could use any of it. So nice of her! So yesterday afternoon I made the boys try on clothes. It's funny because they actually love trying on new clothes! Jakie fell in love with the first t-shirt I put on him, it's actually a pajama shirt but since we don't do short sleeved pajamas anymore we'll use it as a t-shirt. I'm sure you can tell why he loves it so much ;)


Here's more pictures of them trying on clothes and playing on the deck.

Love this top ;). The sleeves are a little short, no wonder since it's size 6 months, but I think we can get a few wears out of it anyway.

"If you try to come in I'll punch you in the face"

Jacob on the rocket.

Tittut (peekaboo) Jacob.




Lily has show and tell at school today and she decided to bring her "famous" coin collection again. It's a collection of state quarters, she's only missing a few. She brought it to show and tell in Kindergarten and her friends really liked it. She inspired some of her friends to start their own collections and one of her friends got so "excited" she ended up stealing a few coins from Lily when she was over here on a playdate. Lily didn't notice but a little while after going home that day her father brought the girl back to return the coins and apologize. I'm sure the little girl learned a valuable lesson that day. I feel bad though because we haven't had a playdate with her since and it has nothing to do with the coin incident although I'm sure her parents may think so and that's what makes me feel bad. Truth is that Lily was never very good friends with this girl to begin with and the playdates with her didn't go very smooth, it seemed the girls could never agree on what to play etc. Anyway, Lily was excited to bring her coin collection to school again to show her new friends and teacher.

And since I'm writing about school. The girl sitting next to Maddie in the classroom has been sick with the flu, presumably the swine flu since they don't check but I've heard that pretty much all flu cases at this point are swine flu as the regular flu has not really started yet. Maddie told us yesterday that this girl was back at school after being gone only 3 days! And the little girl told Maddie that she was on some medicine that would make her feel better for 7 hours. What the....! Not that I'm an expert but if she needs to be on medicine to make her feel better should she be back at school already? Let's hope she's not contagious anymore because our Maddie is sitting next to her all day!

I'm happy it's finally Friday, it's been a long week! Michael is coming home from work this afternoon which we're all excited about. He's only been home 3 days in the last 13 days!
As soon as he comes home I'm gonna make him fix the darn smoke detector that is low on battery and has been beeping off and on since Wednesday....driving me crazy. I'd fix it myself if I could just reach it, with 10 foot ceilings and one tiny ladder I could not even get close. You can hear the loud beeping in the video I posted the other day, now you know what that was in case you were wondering.
This weekend is yard sale weekend in our neighborhood. We're only allowed to have yard sales on specific dates, it's one weekend in the spring and one in the fall. We were gonna put one together but I'm not sure we have the time or energy to do it this time. We may just have to donate the things we have for resale. And I'm sure the girls will head out on their usual hunt for free stuff....jk ;).
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We found a new place to play

This entertained the boys most of the morning yesterday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ear piercing

The girls have been wanting to get their ears pierced for a long time. Earlier this summer I told them we needed to wait until pool season was over (apparently not neccesary but whatever...) and so they've been waiting. About a week or two ago they brought it up again and since then they've been begging almost everyday. Today when I picked them up from school Maddie was all over me about going to get her ears pierced and I really couldn't find a reason not to. So after a quick bowl of cereal at home we went to the mall.

The girls outside the mall all excited to finally get their ears pierced.

Maddie went first and here she is waiting.

The girls had been arguing a little about who would go first and I half jokingly told them that whoever went first could not cry or scare the other person. They were both pretty nervous. Maddie was so brave! She didn't say a word when the girl pierced her ears but afterwards she said it stung a little and I could see tears in her eyes but she held them back. Then it was Lily's turn and she was just as brave although she squeezed my hands for dear life and kicked her legs up and down so the girl had to tell her to sit still.
They are both so happy with their pierced ears. They both got gold earrings with their birthstone, Maddie's is purple and Lily's is clear with slight pink in it. The girl marked their ears with a purple pen so Lily's ears look a little purple in the picture.



So Pretty!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy week and fun weekend

Michael was gone all last week. The rain continued and I stayed busy. Somehow I thought that I'd have more time and be less busy after school started for the girls but I was very wrong.
On Wednesday the boys and I met with our Swedish playgroup at the park. This particular playground is filled with tiny pebble gravel that the boys like to play with. Thankfully they don't put as many things in their mouths nowadays so I think only a couple handfuls of gravel went into their mouth this time, not so bad compared to a few months ago. Then on Thursday we were invited to a neighborhood playgroup. A friend of mine had it at her house and she invited us, they've been getting together for awhile and rotate whose house they meet at. The children in the group were all between 1 and 4 years old. The boys had a lot of fun playing with someone elses toys.

Michael came home on Friday afternoon and after picking up the girls at school and dropping off Maddie at her friend Megans house we drove straight to the airport to pick him up.
Saturday morning the girls had ice skating class, they are still enjoying it and are improving each week. Later that afternoon, after the boys took their nap we went to the Plano Balloon festival. This is the 3rd time we go, it's a fun event that they do every year in Plano. We met up with Fredrik and Brenda and some of their friends. It's was a really nice afternoon/evening.

Lucas and Jacob watching the balloons.


Jakie pointing at the balloons.


Lucas watching the balloons.

Balloon glow.

The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show. We made it home by 10:30 PM and the boys were still awake and in good spirits while the girls were fast asleep in the backseat.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rain, Elmo and pictures

Today we saw the sun for the first time since Thursday! It's been raining 4 days straight but I'm not complaining, it's been nice. Although the rain has been very heavy and some areas have had flood conditions which obviously is not good. A few people had to leave their homes as rivers were overflowing. It's crazy how in 4 days we can go from having moderate drought to flooding problems.
It's getting late so I'm not gonna write too much but I wanted to post some pictures from the last few days.

On Friday Michael and I took the boys to a "My Gym" open house where Elmo made an appearance. We were meeting our friends Jake and Jonah there but the place was packed and we didn't get a chance to play with them much. The boys did enjoy playing basketball and sliding on a little slide and then they got to visit Elmo which was very exciting. They love Elmo!

Lucas and Jacob with "omo".

Michael and the girls took the boys outside to play in the rain and since they don't have any rain coats they decided to let them borrow Maddie and Lily's old ones.



Jakie loves oranges, I'm working on getting him to say orange instead of calling it apple.

Me: Where's Lucas? Lucas: Daaaa (There or swedish där, I'm not sure)

"Apple" says Jakie. Don't you just love those curls sticking out ;).

The other day I found Lucas stacking cans, he had 4 on top of each other. Getting a pile of cans on his feet would probably hurt so I showed him how to stack these cups of applesauce and fruit snacks instead. He's loving it and he's really good at it too! Maybe we should get them some blocks to play with.

Oh oh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's here...

the flu! We were expecting it but not this soon. School has only been in session for 2 weeks and people are already getting sick. Everyone in our school district received an automated phone call last night and an e-mail with an identical message. This is what it said;

This is a message from ****** ISD. Attention ****** ISD Parents and Staff: We are starting to receive reports of flu cases and flu-like symptoms among students in the ****** ISD. Most health officials are no longer sending samples for confirmation of the H1N1 virus; but it appears that all Type A Influenza cases are being considered and treated by health officials as “presumed” H1N1. The treatments, protocols and prevention measures are the same no matter the strain. Please make sure that you have read the letter that we have sent to you or placed on our website regarding healthy habits. We will not send a notice each time we hear of a student having flu-like symptoms or the flu, but we ask that you keep aware and promote good hand washing and coughing/sneezing etiquette and keep students who are sick at home. We will promote this at school as well and will continue our regular cleaning regime, along with deep cleanings as needed. If we see a spike or a large number of illnesses within a class, we will notify parents. We may see more absences because parents and students are more aware and are staying home when sick. If you need information printed for you, please contact your school. Thank you as always for your support of your school and your student.

We will not be getting any flu shots but are taking some natural supplements, per our pediatricians recommendation, to boost our immune system. Briar Rose, Sambucus and Oscillococcinum are some of the things we're taking in a preventative dose along with multivitamins. This in conjunction with eating healthy and getting adequate sleep will hopefully strenghten our immune system and help us avoid some illnesses and make the ones we do get milder. Our pediatrician believes that by doing this it's possible to avoid both the regular flu and the H1N1 (I still call it swine flu...whatever). At the very least I hope that if we do get it it will be a mild case and that we'll recover quickly. Let's hope things don't turn out as bad as some people fear.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy anniversary!

Today 12 years ago Michael and I got married! I can't believe it's been 12 years, it feels like forever ago and like yesterday at the same time. It's been 12 great years, eventful to say the least. Building a family, lots of moving, changes in jobs, some trying times but more wonderful ones. I'm thankful for every moment because it has strengthened our relationship and made us who we are today. I look forward to many wonderful years together. Happy anniversary to us!

Both Michael and I really like this poem that I found the other day, very fitting.

They Said We'd Never Make It

by Nicholas Gordon

They said we'd never make it,
But now we've come this far.
Today we celebrate our love
And honor who we are.
We had a hard beginning,
Adults before our time.
But growing up together made
Our deepest roots entwine.

You are my life, my love, my hope,
My friend, my world, my song,
The mirror of my unseen heart,
The place where I belong.

And as our one life passes,
Through love we live for two:
A cornucopia of joy
That we this day renew.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend recap and a video

We've enjoyed a nice long weekend since today is Labor day here in the US. The kids and I have mainly "relaxed" at home while Michael got to spend Friday-Monday relaxing, jet skiing, and 4-wheeling on the beach in Acapulco, Mexico. While on the job I should add. Yes I'm a little jealous but it was well deserved!

Here's a short recap of our weekend. Friday afternoon Maddie had her friends Isabelle and Katherine over (identical twin girls btw) while Lily played with Toni next door. Saturday morning the girls had their second ice skating lesson and they did an amazing job. Neither of them fell even once, impressive! On our way home we picked up lunch at McDonalds for the girls, Wendy's for me and neither for the boys....they got homemade lunch. After their nap we went shopping at Target, I had just realized that morning that we were low on diapers. Although later that night I found out that we weren't as desperate for diapers as I had thought because the boys had stuffed their hamper with diapers from the stacker, silly boys! Sunday and Monday we just stayed home. Today Maddie, Lily and Toni played Rock Band which I have a video clip of that I will try to upload later. But first a little video of the boys. Lucas is the one wearing only a diaper, we had just come inside from playing outside in the rain and I had already changed Jacob into a dry onesie but Lucas was happy running around half naked.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Airplanes and jumping beans

Michael had to go to work this morning so me and the boys drove him to the airport. Today he was picking up an aircraft at Lovefield so we had a chance to go out to his plane and check it out. I've seen it many times before but the boys haven't since they were real little so this was very exciting for them. We went inside and they got to try the seats and push some buttons....so much fun! Michael is probably enjoying the sunset in Acapulco, Mexico right now.

Inside the airplane.



Michaels plane, Dassault Falcon 2000.

Maddie and her class has been studying mexican jumping beans this week and today she got to take it home. This is a pretty funny little thing. It's a bean but there's actually a larva inside of it that will turn into a moth. Light and heat stimulates the larva to jump in order to protect itself from drying out. I guess we'll see if it survives and turns into a moth. If it does the moth will only live a few days.

The bean is the brownish thing in the upper right corner of the container.
Maddie added some leaves and things for looks.