Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dinosaur exhibit, the pumpkin patch and more.

Wednesday the boys and I went with our Swedish playgroup to a Natural Science Museum and wildlife sanctuary. The museum have an exhibit of Dinosaurs, featuring life-size animatronic dinosaurs, right now that we wanted to take the kids to. I was a little concerned that the boys would get scared by them as the Dinosaurs were moving and roaring but they were very fascinated and had a good time.

One of the Dinosaurs

Lucas the Dinosaur dentist.

This one did not move or make sounds.

Walking the trail.


Looking at animals, this cage housed a racoon.


This past Saturday we finally made it to a pumpkin patch, it was our last chance as Michael left for work the next day and won't make it home until Halloween. It was the perfect day to go as the weather was beautiful. This paticular patch is located on a farm about 30 minutes north of where we live. We had a really good time, I love this time of year!

Feeding some animals



Jake and Lily


Lucas (and Jacob in the background running away from us).

Jakie resting for a bit.


The boys have developed a love for pumpkins so today as we were shopping at Target I bought them each a mini pumpkin. They held on to their pumpkins the whole time we shopped, they held them in the car, they were kissing them and patting them and as we came home they continued to play with them. Great toy I thought. Well, then they decided to start throwing them like balls. I tried to get them to stop but it was useless. Surprisingly the pumpkins held up for about 10 minutes of throwing them before finally breaking. Needless to say the boys were a little sad when I threw the pumpkins in the trash. The lady in front of me in the checkout line told me that they sell faux pumpkins at the Hobby store so maybe I'll go pick up a couple of those instead.

The rest of our week has been fairly busy. Playing inside and outside, cleaning, shopping, laundry and playdates etc. And yesterday afternoon I had to take Maddie to the pediatrician as the cough she's had since being sick only seems to be getting worse and she has also complained about her ear being uncomfortable for awhile. Lungs sounded good, her throat was red (negative for strep), lots of earwax that needed to be cleaned out, no ear infection but her ear looked irritated so the Dr gave her ear drops and she agreed her cough sounded nasty so she gave us a real good cough medicine and if she's not improving by next week we're going back for antibiotics. Taking all 4 kids to the Dr's office when only one is "sick" is not fun, especially this time of year. I made the boys stay in the stroller and I brought our portable DVD player for some distraction but they were still not very happy.

The boys 21 month update is coming soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lily's party

Lily had a great birthday party this afternoon. 7 of her friends were able to make it which made for a small and manageable group. We started out with an hour of bowling which all the girls seemed to enjoy. They were very entertaining to watch ;). After that we had pizza and cake. At the end of the party everyone received their $5 game card and most children stayed with their parents to play some games. Maddie and Lily's friend (our neighbor) Toni came with us to the party and when we came home the girls asked to have a sleep over so the girls are all camping out in Maddie's room, still awake and it's almost midnight.
This was the most stress free birthday party we've ever had. Besides delivering the invitations earlier this week we hardly had to do anything, so nice. Here are some pictures.


Pretty good scores.

Lily and her good friends Nick and Allison.

In the party room waiting for pizza.

Lily's cake. It tasted better than it looks.

Our party attendant, Ryan, lighting the candles.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The latest from Maddie and Lily

Last week Maddie and Lily finished their first session of ice skating classes. They are signed up for another 8 weeks starting this Saturday. Maddie passed all the tests for going on to the next level and I believe she was the only one in their group to do so. She will be starting Basic 2 while Lily will stay in Basic 1 for another session. Lily was a little disappointed as she was so close to pass, she only missed on jumping, but she'll be with her friend Stephanie again so that made her happy. Stephanie is a girl we just got to know when they started ice skating. Turns out they live just down the street from us and she's also in 1st grade at the same school. The same week we met at ice skating I also met her mom and younger sister at our neighborhood playgroup which is funny since we've never seen each other before.

Both girls are doing great in school. We just had parent-teacher conferences and both their teaches only had good things to say. Like we were expecting anything else ;). We are very proud of them. Maddie has quite a bit more homework this year. Every day she has a spelling homework and 20 minutes of reading and on Tuesdays they receive a math homework that is due on Thursdays. Lily also has a lot of homework compared to Kindergarten and I feel like she has quite a bit more than Maddie had when she was in 1st grade. Every day she has a guided reading homework with some type of activity, it can be reading a poem and write down all the words that are new to her or it could be reading a story and make a puppet based on a character from the story and act it out. She also reads 20 minutes a day.

As of last week the girls are walking home from school by themselves. Very exciting. We still walk them or drive them in the morning because we want to make sure they get there safely. The school does not report or check attendance until well into the day which we've found out a few times when we forgot to notify the school of an absence and they didn't call to check with us until lunch time.

Tomorrow we're having a belated birthday party for Lily. We were planning on having something small at our house but everything got pushed aside as we were sick. Earlier this week we decided that we did not want to have the party at our house considering all the illnesses going around etc so we booked a party at Main event family entertainment center. It was fairly affordable and included bowling and shoes for an hour, a party room for 45 minutes after that, pizza and drinks for everyone, all the party supplies and a $5 game card for each guest. The only thing we had to get on our own was the cake. Lily decided on a Hannah Montana cake from Kroger. I will post pictures from the party tomorrow or this weekend. I think we'll have lots of fun.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Boosterthon fun run

Last week it was time for our PTA's yearly fundraiser in the form of a fun run. The children all ran around a track, 1/16 of a mile long. Parents and friends could sponsor the children by pledging a dollar amount per lap the child ran or a flat donation if they so wished. Michael and I took the boys to go watch while Maddie did her run. It was a little chilly and the rain was hanging in the air.

Warming up

The boys were all cozied up in the stroller....for awhile.



The boys talking about something.

Jacob picking flowers (weeds).


Here's a few video clips. The first one is of Jacob doing a little dance (I only caught the end of it so it's a little short) and the second one is of Lucas. The third one is of Maddie and the other kids running.

Friday, October 16, 2009

On the road to recovery

I've been a bad blogger lately, I'm sorry! It's been a crazy 2 weeks at our house as all of us except Michael, so far, have been sick. As you know Lily got sick first, on her birthday. A few days later Maddie and I got sick. We took Maddie to urgent care one night as she was so miserable; coughing, wheezing and could hardly speak. She also tested negative for flu, like Lily, but I swore then that was what we had. Then last Saturday as me and the girls were starting to feel better Jacob got sick. Followed by Lucas on Sunday. They were both running moderate fevers. Then Lucas developed a wheezy, hoarse cough. He could hardly sleep and cried every time he coughed. We were concerned about his wheezing so we brought him in to the pediatrician where he tested positive for flu type A and was also diagnosed with croup. His throat was apparently very red as well but he tested negative for strep which was good. He was one sick little boy.
It seems like we are all recovering right now. The girls and I have coughs still but both girls have been in school all week. The boys are still running low grade fevers off and on along with coughs, hoarsness and being tired in general. With Lucas testing positive for the flu, with almost 100% certainty the swine flu since the regular flu has not picked up for this season yet, it is safe to say that we all had the H1N1 virus.
The Swine flu is rampant in our community right now. So many kids at school have been sick. One day last week when Lily was sick only 8 out of 19 kids in her class were at school. Maddie's class had 6 kids out, another 3rd grade class had 11 out. It was similar stories for all classes at one point or another. Crazy!

We are hoping to get all better soon so we can go out and enjoy this fall weather. The pumpkin patches are open and I can't wait to take the boys, I know they will love it. Today we are actually seeing the sun for the first time in probably 2 weeks or so. Not seeing the sun for that long in Texas is very unusual. Here's a couple of pictures from this past week.
I will add more in another post soon.

The boys enjoying a snack of grapes.

Lucas after a fight with the sofa the other day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lily update

She's still as sick as yesterday. Michael came home a day early and took her to urgent care this afternoon. They did a nasal swab to check for the flu which actually came back negative. The test is only 75% accurate so there's still a 25% chance that she has the flu. She has the typical flu symptoms but it may just be a nasty respiratory virus, who knows. I guess it doesn't really matter because treatment is the same, i.e. resting, fluids and fever reducers. She's actually feeling ok while on motrin, good enough to eat and drink a little and watch a movie in bed, but as soon as it wears off she's a mess.
I sent her teacher an email this afternoon to tell her Lily was sick and not coming to school tomorrow. I also asked her if she knew what the other children in class were out sick with. I just got a reply from her and as it turns out she is also sick and will be staying home tomorrow. She said she hadn't heard from all the parents whose kids were sick but she said some have the flu, some have a chest/cough/cold thing and some have a stomach bug. I can't believe how much is going around and it's only beginning of October. At the same time I'm wondering if not more people have the swine flu without knowing it, thinking they just have a cold or thinking it's a stomach bug. Who knows...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lily's day

Happy Birthday sweet daughter! Lily turned 7 today.
The day started out great but unfortunately didn't end the same way. Maddie, Lucas, Jacob and I woke (ok, we probably didn't wake her but we were all pretending) Lily up at 7:30. She opened her presents, we ate cake for breakfast, the girls played with Lily's new toys and we skyped with farmor. Then we left for ice skating lessons. On our way home we picked up lunch at McDonalds. The girls spent the afternoon playing with our next door neighbor Toni. By early evening Lily crashed on the sofa and complained she wasn't feeling good. She quickly turned miserable and went to bed. She's complaining of a headache, her body hurts, she running a moderate fever of 101F, she's coughing and she's nauseous. She's thrown up once so far. Sounds like the flu. I'm pretty confident that's what she has. This is exactly how things started when she had the flu last year and since the swine flu is going around at school it's very likely that's what she has picked up. Lily told me that 8 kids were absent in her class yesterday, out of 19 kids. So now we just deal with it.
Lily is sleeping on the floor next to me so that I can keep a close eye on her. Hopefully she recovers quickly.

Lily opening her presents.

Lily melting chocolate for her cake the night before.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another lost tooth!

Lily lost her third tooth this evening. It's been very loose for the past few days. This evening as the girls were about to get in the bathtub Maddie accidentally bumped Lily's mouth with her elbow and the tooth fell out. Lily was so happy the tooth were out that she didn't get upset about getting bumped in the face at all....she normally would have been :). I guess the tooth fairy will be making a visit tonight.

Speaking of teeth. Maddie and Lily went to the dentist yesterday and both got a good report, yay!