Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 1st Advent!

Only 4 more Sundays until Christmas, the countdown has begun. Last night we brought down our Christmas decorations from the attic and started to decorate a little. The advent candle-holder is up, as is our advent star, and the first candle was lit this morning. I love this time of year!
Tonight I will be working on the advent calendar. Wrapping 24 little gifts/treats (x2, I'm still only doing it for the girls), one for each day until Christmas.

Yesterday we got a lot of the staining done on the fence. Most of the outside is done, only 4 sections facing the front of the yard are left, and we got half of the inside done. All that thanks to a paint sprayer that Michael found cheap at Lowes. He sprayed and I went behind with the roller to even it out. This afternoon called for rain (and it did) so the rest will have to wait (for morfar ;) ).

Today we finally decided it was time to take Lucas to the Dr. He's a mess! His eyes were all swollen and full of goo and he is so congested with snot (the yellowish/green yucky stuff) running down continuously. I took him to urgent care for kids because we like that place and they charge just the same as our regular pediatrician and they are open nights and weekends. We left home and were back within an hour, even dropped off a prescription at the drive thru pharmacy on the way home. So convenient! Diagnosis....sinus infection and conjunctivitis, the stuff that needs antibiotics. So antibiotics for 10 days and eye drops for 3, hopefully he'll be feeling better shortly. I told the Dr that his twin brother is home with the same symptoms, just a milder case, and he told me we could give Jacob the same eye drops. If his congestion seems bad we need to bring him there or to our regular pediatrician to get him antibiotics as well. We'll see what tomorrow looks like but I have a feeling that may be needed.
Unfortunately Maddie is also starting to feel under the weather as of this evening. There's just no end to this.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving the same way we usually do, just the 6 of us at home. We prepared a simple Thanksgiving dinner with mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, stuffing, green beans, gravy and bisquits. The girls helped make a pumpkin pie for dessert.
Michael got to come home a day early from work yesterday so we were able to enjoy the whole day with him.
After the boys went to bed we played a few games of skip-bo and then we watched a movie called "Imagine that".
The boys are feeling a little under the weather but all in all we had a good day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Staining the fence

The girls and I started staining the fence today. We got 3 sections done and it took us about 2 hours! Only 22 sections to go....and that's just the inside of the fence. We need some help! I think it's time for plan B.


Lily got stain all over.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long overdue post

I haven't been in a blogging mood lately, I guess you could tell ;). Not that there hasn't been anything to write about, it's just that at the end of the day I've been too tired or not motivated enough to sit down and write.

So here's a an update on what we've been up to lately. First off, Michael and I have been working hard around the house. I think I've told you before that we may put the house on the market in a not so distant future and there's a ton of things to get done before then. Pretty much every room of the house needs something done and there is so much stuff to get rid of that just clutter up the space. We've made some good progress by turning the "dining room turned office" into the play area which means we got our family room back (somewhat). There's still a few details to take care of, like taking down a shelf and switching some art work around. This past week when Michael was home we worked hard in the yard, cutting the grass (I can't believe we had to cut it at the end of November but hopefully that was the last time this year), trimming bushes and trees, cleaning out the shed and Michael power washed the fence. Michael picked up some stain before leaving for work and since the weather is supposed to be perfect for staining in the next few days I will probably try to get some of it done during nap time. Maddie and Lily are excited to help with this job.

As for Maddie and Lily, they are enjoying Thanksgiving break right now. Thanksgiving day is Thursday so schools are closed all week which is nice. Friday they "celebrated" by having their friend Toni spend the night. They all fell asleep shortly after midnight which wasn't too bad, but I woke up at 5am by some noise and go to find the girls awake playing cards. I told them to go back to sleep and they actually did for another 2 hours.
Maddie and all of the 3rd graders at school went to see an opera performance of "Billy Goats gruff" this Friday. I think she enjoyed it. Maddie has also become good friends with the new Swedish girl, Wilma. They have had a few play dates so far and get along great.

We're still not perfectly healthy. I have caught a cough similar to Maddie's, it's a deep, nasty, chest cough and it's been going on for 2+ weeks now. Maddie is still coughing off and on (going on 7 weeks or so) although she is much better than she was a few weeks ago. Lily came down with a cold yesterday, just a mild one it seems like. And so did Jacob. Jakie has been coughing at night, he has a slightly runny nose and this morning he woke up with his eyes oozing. He was all sticky around his eyes and eyelashes clumped together by goo, my poor boy. I considered taking him to the kids urgent care as it is very convenient and they charge like a regular Dr's visit. They didn't open until noon and by that time his eyes really didn't look that bad. He doesn't seem bothered and they haven't oozed anything during the day although they started a little before I put him to bed. If they're not better tomorrow morning I will call the advice nurse and see if I need to bring him in. According to information I read online pink eye is very contagious no matter if it's viral or bacterial so I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us don't get it. If it's viral there's nothing they can do for it but if it's bacterial he needs eye drops.

Other that that we're all doing good. The weather has been mostly nice lately and we've enjoyed some trips to the park. The kids and I have found this perfect little playground at a school across the street, it's fenced in and the perfect size for Lukie and Jakie. Even Maddie and Lily loves it.
Here's some pictures from last weekend.

Lucas at the playground.

Jacob loves the tunnel slide. He climbs up through the tunnel and then slides down all by himself.

Jakie and Maddie. Jakie says "hello".

Maddie helping Jakie.

Lukie. The wind is doing that to his hair ;).

My sweet boy, Lucas, not wanting to leave the park. He was running away from me while the other kids were already strapped in the car.

The following pictures were from a different day:

Lucas got mad because I wouldn't let him play with the car keys, he kept on locking the doors upon which the horn honks so I took them from him. He threw himself on the ground in a tantrum that lasted all about 2 seconds because he quickly realized it was fun to lay on the ground picking at wood chips.

Mommy's boy, Jacob.

Lily and Jakie.

I will try to get a video up tomorrow.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Living dangerously

Our latest boo boo's....

Jakie got run over by a sister on scooter.

Lukie fell in the shower and got this lovely black eye.

Friday, November 6, 2009

World class student and a new friend

This week Maddie has been chosen as the World Class student. We're so proud of her! She was recognized this morning at the school assembly but with Michael out of town I was not able to go. They do not allow strollers inside the school during this time and they make no exceptions. Today they also had a special Veterans day celebration where students get to invite any veterans they know and want to celebrate which makes this assembly one of the most popular of the year with hundreds of parents and family members visiting. Even less of a chance they'd allow me to bring a stroller. Maddie was fine with me not coming so it was all ok but I do hate that I'm missing out on a lot of performances and recognitions.

I took a picture of her this morning.


The girls slept with their hair braided and are dressed in red, white and blue for the Veterans celebration at school.

A few days ago Maddie came home from school and asked me "Have you heard the exciting news?!" I had not so she goes on to tell me that they are getting a new girl in class and she's from Sweden! She is beyond excited. Her teacher is putting her at Maddie's table so that Maddie can help her translate if she needs help, as far as I understand she has moved here from Sweden so everything will be new to her. Maddie has been teaching her friends some Swedish words and phrases so that they can talk to the new girl when she arrives on Monday. I think I'm almost as excited as Maddie ;).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The sickies continue

This is what the last few days have been like at our house. Monday afternoon I take Maddie back to the pediatrician, as her cough has not gotten much better. This time she prescribes antibiotics. That evening we realized that Lily is running a fever. We follow the 24-hour rule and Lily stays home from school on Tuesday even though her fever is gone and she feels fine. That morning Maddie wants to change her earrings since it has now been 6 weeks since she got them pierced. A piece of hair had gotten twisted around the earring and when I pull it out (without noticing the hair) her ear starts to bleed a little. Maddie didn't notice a thing, I tell her she's not quite ready to switch earrings and we go to clean her ear and put the old earrings back. This is when she notices the blood and gets dizzy. A few seconds later she faints, luckily we're already holding on to her so she doesn't get hurt. We keep her home a little longer to make sure she's fine and she's 30 minutes late for an important math review at school. In the meantime Lucas is having tummy issues (he poops 7 times on Tuesday but is as happy as can be in general) and Jakie is cranky. Michael leaves for work after lunch and the boys go down for a nap. 30 minutes before school ends I get a call from the school nurse. Maddie is feeling dizzy. I don't want her to walk home by herself, but the boys are sleeping and Lily is "sick" so I improvise and go get her. When the boys wake up from their nap and I can quickly tell that Jakie is running a fever. He's not feeling good at all and wants to be held the whole time. Somehow I manage to cook dinner and get the boys to bed. Jakie is sleeping fine with Motrin in his system. As I'm about to go to bed he wakes up and is miserable. We're up for hours and finally around 2 am we're able to get some sleep, Jake is sleeping with me in my bed. The alarm goes off 4.5 hours later and I have to get up. Jakie wakes up too and feels hot. Lucas is already awake so I go in to get him. Jakie is not happy to be put down when I go to get Lucas and change his diaper. He has pooped again and as I take off his blanket sleeper I realize that there's poop everywhere, down to his toes....what a mess. The night before I remembered that I had forgot to buy diapers and I'm getting worried that we're gonna run out at this rate so we hurry up and get ready for the day. We leave a little early for school and stop by Walgreens so I can run in and get diapers, wipes and more motrin while the girls keep the boys company in the car. Problem solved!
We drop off the girls at school and go home. I'm happy to get the boys down for a nap early, as both Jakie and me are very tired. I lay down to take a nap and 45 minutes later the phone rings, it's the school nurse. Great! Lily had complained of a headache and got sent to the nurse, turns out she was running a fever. I quickly drive to school to pick her up and she doesn't look or act sick at all but she does have a slight fever so there's nothing to do. Due to the 24-hour rule she will be staying home from school tomorrow even if she doesn't have a fever in the morning.
I'm glad it's not worse than it is but it's still been hard. I certainly hope Jakie is feeling better tomorrow because my arms are hurting from carrying him all the time.
Better get some sleep while I can.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween, full of activities. We started our with ice skating lessons in the morning. In the afternoon our neighborhood organized a fall fest with horse carriage rides, apple pie, hot chocolate and pumpkins for all the kids....everything free. We grilled hamburgers for dinner and then we got ready for trick or treating. The girls got a ton of candy as usual and we had lots of fun.

Jacob as Superman and Lucas as Batman. Their costumes were a little big :).

Maddie as a black widow

Lily as a vampire.

Outside our house.


Trick or Treat!

Decorations everywhere.

This one was pretty funny.