Monday, December 28, 2009

A fun afternoon

Michael and the girls made this ice lantern tonight from snowballs they had saved in the freezer from Christmas day. The snow is pretty much gone by now, only a few patches of ice are left in shaded areas, but tomorrow we may get more.

This afternoon the girls and I went to the movie theatre and saw "Where the wild things are", based on Maurice Sendak's childrens book. We loved it! In fact, I probably liked it more than the girls did. It was beautifully done! Well worth seeing.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas pics

We had a really nice Christmas and for the first time in 4 years we had snow. We opened our gifts in the morning, we made a traditional "julbord" for dinner and we spent the whole day playing with the new toys and games. Here's some pictures.

Christmas day morning.


Maddie got earrings from farmor.


Lily got the polly rollercoaster she had wished for.

Opening gifts.

Michael and the girls made snowmen from the remaining snow.

Playing scrabble.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A white Christmas after all

Out of nowhere a winter storm moved in over northern Texas this afternoon and we got a white Christmas after all! This was not in the forecast so it was a nice surprise. The girls have been playing outside on 3-4 different occasions today. If it wasn't for the fact that the boys have colds and today is their first day without fevers I would have bundled them up and gone outside with the girls. Instead we watched from the window and the girls brought some snow inside for the boys to touch (and eat).

Our house in the afternoon. It kept on snowing after I took this picture and it got really cold so the roads are now covered in snow. Right now it's 27 degrees, feels like 11 F (-3C/-12C). I don't remember it ever being this cold here in Texas. What a change from yesterdays 70's!

The girls playing in the backyard.

And here's a few pictures of the boys from this morning.

Checking out the gifts under the tree.

Watching Santa Buddies on our new TV.

Doing chores with mommy.

We're looking forward to celebrating a white Christmas tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting in the spirit

Is it really Christmas tomorrow!? Ok, it's starting to feel like it (a little bit) but all afternoon I was thinking how I really wasn't feeling the spirit.
I'm very tired after a long week home by myself (with the kids of course), and guess what....the kids are sick again. It seems to be a minor cold but the boys are also running fevers which makes them somewhat miserable. We haven't slept well for two days and it's wearing on me. On top of that I'm still coughing, going on 2 months now I think (I lost track), so that's not helping.
The weather has been very nice and warm. I say nice because I normally like this weather but not when it's Christmas. Today we've had temperatures in the 70's (it's still 60 degrees/15C outside at 9 PM), the girls have played outside all afternoon wearing short sleeved dresses. That really doesn't put you in a Christmas spirit. I'm so jealous of all of you that get to celebrate a white Christmas this year! It is supposed to get cooler tomorrow and stay cool for the next week but we definitely won't get any snow.
This evening I decided we had to do something to make it feel like Christmas so I packed the kids into the car and we went driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. We turned the radio to klty for some Christmas music and the girls were singing along in the backseat while the boys were awing the lights all around....they just love Christmas lights!

If we ignore the fact that we were driving around with the windows down and it was warm outside it started to feel a little bit like Christmas.
Back home I put the boys to bed, they were already in pajamas. The girls and I had hot chocolate, sandwiches and boiled eggs for dinner and then we made ice chocolates (a traditional Swedish Christmas treat) and chocolate chip cookies.

The girls made drawings for Santa and are preparing to leave him some cookies and milk for when he comes, that along with the reindeer food they got from a neighbor ;).

Since Michael isn't coming home until tomorrow evening we're not celebrating on Christmas Eve like we normally do but on Christmas day. We're not really sure whether Santa will be here tonight (like normally) or if he knows we're not celebrating until the 25th and will come tomorrow night. The girls think we should set out the treats tonight just in case and I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning ;).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking and getting ready for Christmas

The other night we baked Saffron buns. We substituted oat milk and vegan/soy free margarine for milk and butter, the buns tasted just as good as regular if not even better.

Everyone wanted to help make the dough.

The boys did the dishes after the dough was done.

The girls rolling the buns (and eating dough).

Michael is back at work now. All our Christmas shopping is done. The night before he left we were up till midnight wrapping gifts and it's all finished. The only thing the kids and I need to do this week is a little bit of grocery shopping for our Christmas dinner (julbord).

Yesterday were Maddie and Lily's last day of school and they are so excited to be off for 2 weeks now. Maddie had a sleepover at Wilma's house last night, it's the second Friday in a row she's had a sleepover somewhere. We picked her up this morning to go ice skating. The girls had their final test today to see if they could go on to the next level. They both did! Maddie is going on to Basic 3 while Lily is going on to Basic 2, starting in January.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saying goodbye....

We said goodbye to mormor and morfar last Friday, they were here for a week and that week went by as fast as ever. It was great having them here. I just wish the weather would have been a little warmer and that I wouldn't have had the terrible cough I do, then maybe we would have been able to get out and do a little more.
Dad took Michael to a Hockey game, Dallas stars vs Edmonton Oilers , I think it's becoming a tradition when they come to visit ;). They did a little bit of shopping. We went looking at Christmas lights. We had a mini Christmas together and we did a lot of playing at home. They totally spoiled us with gifts; toys, clothes, books and a lot of candy among other things. Dad bought us a new television, a 42" LCD flat screen, that we really love. It's a big change from the $100 tv from walmart we used to have that is now in our bedroom. Thank you so much mom and dad!

Mormor playing with the boys.

The girls were so excited to get Zhu Zhu pets. Mormor and morfar brought them all the way from Sweden since they are almost impossible to get hold of here....unless you want to get in line outside of Toys 'r' us at 6am the morning they get their shipment in, yes they are that popular!

As momor and morfar left the nice and warm weather returned, it only stayed for 2 days but it was nice while it lasted. So Sunday afternoon I was finally able to get the kids outside to get some pictures for our Christmas cards. I know, last minute as always. I've been waiting weeks to get it done because first the boys were all beat up (see the "living dangerously" post) and then we were sick but now it's done. I was able to get some cute shots so I'm very happy but I will not post any since it's for our Christmas cards.

Only 3 more days of school left before the holiday break and only 2 more days to wrap up any preparations we need to do before Christmas. After that Michael goes out of town and will not be back until Christmas eve.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have changed the comment settings. You can now leave a comment without a google account, maybe this will render some more comments on our blog....hint hint ;). And comments in Swedish are welcome!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mormor and morfar are finally here!

Mormor and morfar arrived safely this afternoon, minus suitcases that will arrive some time tomorrow. The girls were so excited to see them and we were all very curious to see how Jakie and Lukie would react. This is only the third time my parents see the boys. We were all surprised to find that Jakie was not at all shy and was the first of the two to get close. Mormor and morfar had not even been here an hour when Jakie walked up and gave mormor a kiss right out of the blue. That kiss was followed by a few more and I think morfar got 5 or 6 kisses later. Lukie has been just a little more cautious.

Mormor and morfars carryons were full of gifts and here's Lucas trying on his new hat and gloves and holding his new soccer ball.

Jakie loved his hat and is checking out his new book.

Jakie with mormor.

Maddie and morfar.

Lily and mormor.

Jakie gives morfar a sweet!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a morning!

What an exciting morning we had! The boys were in awe when they saw the Christmas tree. They love the lights and the ornaments and they really can't get enough of it. They like to pull down the ornaments that they can reach and then they try to put them back by throwing them into the tree. It's a good thing we don't have many breakable ornaments and none down low.

Checking out the tree.

Jakie thought this was a nice ball.

And a little later it got even more exciting, it started to snow! It has been almost two years since it snowed here last, so needless to say Maddie and Lily were thrilled and luckily they had a few minutes to play in it before heading to school. The boys were curious but were not allowed outside since they are still not well.

Lily and the boys looking out at the snow.

The girls in the backyard.

Maddie and Lily.

Lucas looking out at the snow and wishing he could go outside.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

Despite the rain this afternoon we went and got a Christmas tree. Michael and the girls picked one out while the boys and I stayed warm in the car and approved from a distance. The tree stayed in the garage to dry for a few hours while we had dinner and put the boys to bed and after that we went to work. It turned out beautiful as always. Maddie and Lily hung most of the decorations and I only helped a little. Michael helped with the lights.

This is what our family room looks like after we toddler proofed everything.
We can't wait to see the boys reaction tomorrow morning.

This is what our advent calendar looks like. It comes from
Michaels family and his mom prepared it for him and his
siblings every year. And look at the time....usually I'm
not finished until way past midnight on November 30th
but this year I did good!

Here's an update of how we are feeling. Maddie stayed home from school yesterday but was feeling a lot better already. Today she's back to normal and went back to school. I went ahead and took Jacob to our Pediatrician yesterday and he was put on the same antibiotic as Lucas to hopefully help clear this infection they have going on.
I also decided it was time to go see my Dr. yesterday regarding my cough, she thinks I have Bronchitis and put me on antibiotics as well. She told me to rest and drink a lot. Who has time to rest?! Yesterday I had so much to do, shopping, Dr's appointments, finishing the advent calendar, cleaning etc so I can't say I got that much rest and I was feeling it last night. Michael decided to call in sick from work to stay home and help me out so this morning I slept in and I actually stayed in bed until 2pm! Hopefully the antibiotics works and we'll feel better in a few days.