Sunday, February 28, 2010

A day at the park

We've missed out on a gorgeous weekend because we're all sick with a cold but I thought I'd post some pictures from the park from a week and half ago. It was a beautiful day.


The boys loved throwing rocks and acorns in the pond, their aim was not the best though. I didn't realize I had caught this on photo until we came home, Lucas threw a rock that landed on his head....too funny.

I love this picture of Jacob.



Having lunch.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Trip to the ER

Guess who!? Yes, Lily.
I had just picked up the girls from a play date yesterday evening. The girls went to wash their hands before dinner and on the way out to the kitchen Lily slipped on Maddie's backpack, fell flat on the floor and hit her face on the bottom of our safety gate. The gate has a 2 inch wooden ledge across the bottom along the floor. Blood was gushing from her face. I had no idea where she was hurt, because it was all over, in her mouth....everywhere. Luckily Michael was home and he figured out it was coming from the bridge of her nose. He tried to stop the bleeding with a kitchen towel (clean) while I quickly put the boys in the car. Michael sat with Lily in the backseat while Maddie rode in front with me. By the time we got to the ER it had pretty much stopped bleeding. They got her in right away. An hour and a half later Dr Woody had fixed her up (while she was talking his head off making sure what he was doing every step of the way) and we were on our way home. In the end she was very lucky because she could have been hurt way worse.
It was a very scary incident.
I'm not allowed to post any pictures....maybe later this week when she feels a little better.

Edited to add a picture she approved for me to post. Taken after her bath tonight, 24 hours after the incident.

6 stitches!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jakie singing

Sweet singing from Jacob. Lucas did not want to perform in front of the camera this time ;).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mp3 player and waking up early

Maddie got a Sony mp3 player for her birthday and she soon discovered the alarm clock on it. She figured out the alarm and a whole slew of other cool functions and settings without any help or the manual but simply by playing around with it - tech savvy. She also likes to find the lyrics to different songs via Google and then sit in her room and sing along until she knows them by heart.

One morning last week when I got up to get the girls ready for school I found Maddie already awake listening to music in her room. She happily announced that she had been up since 5:36 AM! Since that day she likes to set her alarm so she has some extra time in the morning. This morning though she had set the alarm for 5:28 AM but when Michael got up at 6 AM she was still sleeping with the music playing. What a great gift that turned out to be.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures of Madeline

The other day we were looking at old pictures and talking memories with the girls. I got the idea of posting a picture of Maddie for each year of her life so far. The following pictures were each taken on her birthday (or the day after in one or two cases). Oh the memories! She is an awesome, beautiful little girl. We love you Maddie!

Madeline 9 years old, listening to her new mp3 player.

Maddie's 8th birthday

Maddie turns 7

6 years old today!

Baby girl turns 5

This was her 4th birthday.

3 years old!

Our little cutie turns 2!

Maddie turns 1, she loved the cake!

1 day old, she came out looking this cute!

Happy Birthday Madeline

Today Maddie turns 9 years old! It's hard to believe we have a 9 year old, where did time go?!
It's been 3 days of celebrating this girl. She had her birthday party with her friends on Friday. Then we celebrated her at home on Sunday because Michael was to leave for work on her birthday and she really wanted to celebrate on a day when she didn't have to go to school and with daddy home. The pictures below are from Sunday morning.
Michael didn't have to leave for work until late this morning so we got up early again to sing for her and we had saved 2 birthday gifts for her to open (which was a complete surprise for her).

Since she got a big cake on Friday we got cupcakes for home, we were still able to fit 9 candles on it.

Opening gifts.

She was very excited about the rollerblades.

Birthday cupcakes.

Cupcakes for breakfast :).