Friday, April 30, 2010

World class student again

This one was kind of special. The children in Lily's class got to vote for who they wanted to be this weeks World class student and they voted for Lily. She was so excited and of course we were there this morning to see her getting recognized at assembly.

Lily is in the first row, #3 from left.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's almost summer

This really is a great time of year in Texas. The weather is beautiful, most of the time, and the temperature is warm but not too hot. We've enjoyed being outside a lot lately. Going for walks, playing at the park and we even went swimming in the we I mean the girls, I was just watching and dipping my feet.

This was the first swim of the season a couple of weeks ago. I took the girls and one of Maddie's friends to the pool. The water temperature was not as cold as I expected and the girls swam for a good 40 minutes.


Snorkeling and playing

Here's some pictures from a walk around the neighborhood trails. By this creek there's tons of turtles, ducks, geese, fish, tadpoles and unfortunately snakes. I ran into one just yesterday while I was out walking (by myself that time).

Maddie and Lily looking for fish and tadpoles

The boys absolutely love throwing rocks in the water.

Jakie among the bluebonnets that grows in our neighborhood

Lily getting help from Michael crossing the creek.

Tuesday morning we had a showing of the house and I took the boys to a playground before going to get Michael at airport. We hadn't been to this park in awhile and the boys loved the pebble filled playground and the huge slide you see in this picture.

I wasn't sure about letting them go down this slide as it's so big but the boys headed straight for it so I thought why not. It was one of those slippery slides so they went down fast. I thought for sure they would not want to go again but I was wrong. They went again and again, 4-5 times each. Then they decided to throw pebbles on it instead.

This morning Michael, the boys and I went for a walk in a Nature preserve nearby and ran into this snake (running into 2 snakes in 24 hours is a little much). I saw it first, maybe 10 feet in front of us and I grabbed the stroller (Michael was pushing it) and yelled snake. Michael went a little closer so the boys could get a better look, a little too close for my comfort so I asked him to back up which he did. Then he went up closer with his iPhone to snap this picture and as he was standing there two men showed up and said it was a copperhead. Very poisonous although rarely lethal but still enough to land you in the hospital in a great deal of pain.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A few updates

I know some of you are wondering how things are going with the house and all so I thought I'd post a little update.

The House: No offers yet. 10 showings in about 3 weeks, not too bad and about what our Realtor told us to expect. He said on average it takes 25 showings to sell your home (in this area at least) and it takes about 60 days to get that many. We've received mainly positive feedback. One agent said her client most likely would want another look....we didn't hear back. Another buyer came back for a 2nd showing but probably choose another home because we haven't heard back and it's been almost a week. One buyer liked the house but wanted to be closer to town....not sure what town he's talking about....we're pretty close to our little downtown but maybe they were referring to Dallas or the shopping "downtown". Only one person commented that she felt the house needed too much updating....not sure specifically where. Anyway, we're staying positive that the right buyer will show one day. This past week city workers showed up at our house to repair our sidewalk. Tearing up the sidewalk in front of the house and messing up our lawn certainly doesn't help with the curb appeal but it'll look great in the end when they have it all cleaned up.

No sidewalk

Last Saturday we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory, first time since the boys were born. They were sitting on booster seats like big boys and did amazingly well the whole time.

Work: As you all know we've been a little worried about the possibility of Michael getting furloughed. The company met with the pilots union last week and for now it looks like no more furloughs will be needed. The company is doing better and better and as long as the economy doesn't get worse things should be ok.

Michael is doing recurrent training right now so it's just me and the kids at home. The girls finished up another session of ice skating today and both of them past their tests and are moving up to the next level. It's amazing to see how good they've become in such a short time, it's only 8 months or so since they started skating. I'll try to get another skating video to post soon.
After ice skating we got a call that somebody wanted to look at the house and so we spent the whole afternoon at a friends house. The weather was perfect and the kids had tons of fun in their backyard.....lots of water, sand and mud to play in. Lots of laundry for me tonight and the boys crashed early since they didn't get a nap today.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets, another picture post.

The Texas State flower, the Bluebonnets, are in full bloom right now. This afternoon we went to an old Cemetery to take some pictures with the flowers and I thought I'd share a few.



Maddie and Jakie

All four kids.

Our sweet boys.

Checking out the graveyard.

Luke and Lily






Maddie and Lily


Old graves.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

World class Student and performance

This Friday Lily was awarded World class student in her class. Lily was very excited and Michael, me and the boys made it to the assembly that morning. Her class also performed along with another 1st grade class so we had two reasons to go see her.

Lily as World class Student, 2nd row #3 from left.

Here she is performing on stage, she's standing in the first row #4 from left, holding a red sign that says "Me".

Friday assemblies are a little too long for the boys to enjoy but they did really well this time. They made people chuckle a bit as after the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem they loudly exclaimed "yaaaaaaayyyyyy". They were glad it was over I'm sure :).

We're so proud of Lily!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A poem by Lily


Flower flower please grow
please grow when I don't know
will you grow at night
will you grow at light
flower flower please grow
please grow when I don't know

By Lily

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter weekend (lots of pictures)

Here are some pictures from all the fun we've had this Easter. Friday evening we went to our neighborhoods annual Easter egg hunt and festivities. We started out with egg hunts. The boys went first with other children age 4 and under. This was the boys first egg hunt and they didn't really know what to do, the girls helped out a little and they left with a few eggs in their baskets. Shortly thereafter the big kids got their turn. As usual the eggs were gone in a matter of seconds.

Almost gone. Maddie and Lily are in there somewhere ;).

Lily was happy with her catch. She ended up sharing a little with Maddie as she didn't get quiet as many eggs.

After the egg hunt we went on a train ride. That was the highlight of the evening for Lucas, he loved it! Well, both boys loved it but as we got back in line for a second ride Lucas could not wait. Each time the train stopped to let people off and on he wanted to skip the line and get on (we had to wait a few turns), he was not happy to wait. And when the ride was over he did not want to get off.

I snapped a picture before getting on the train.


Maddie and Lucas


They also had a petting zoo. This may have been Jakie's favorite part of the evening, he got all giggly of excitement to be around the animals. A little cautious and not so sure about the larger animals (the goats) but the being a little scary didn't make it any less fun.

Lily fell in love with the painted chicks.

Jakie checking out the chicks.

Jakie petting a goat.

Jakie saying hi to a bunny.

Pick me up! This was Lukie's reaction to the petting zoo.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the park. The boys are getting really brave with going down the slides. They are both going down the tunnel slides now.


Lily is having fun.


Jakie loves to go up the slides.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came for a visit. Maddie's in on the secret as of this year, Lily may be as well....I'm not sure. I told the girls that since the boys most likely can't eat the candies the Easter bunny brings, they could do an egg hunt for the boys afterwards. I had put some toddler treats in a few eggs. As the girls went out in the backyard to put out the eggs for the boys Lily asked if they could "hide" them like I do. I asked her if she meant like the Easter bunny and she said yes and left. I'm thinking that means she knows but just a few days earlier (before I told Maddie the truth) she insisted the Easter bunny was real.

Lily in the backyard.




There's candy (gerber fruit juice snacks) in here! Jakie.

Lucas and Jacob

Maddie with her eggs. I had put mostly coins in them this year and the girls each got a chocolate bunny.