Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye bye curls

I gave the boys there first haircut today! I loved the messy curls they had but now they are looking so handsome. They look much older too. Aren't they just the cutest little boys in the world!

Three pics of Lucas;

Three pics of Jacob;

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The boys singing the ABC song

The video starts out with soft singing from Jakie. Later Lukie joins in with a little more power ;).

Monday, May 10, 2010


Dancing around the living room has become an after dinner tradition at our house. The boys love to run around with the music on.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two year well check-up

Lucas and Jacob waiting for the Dr.

This morning the boys had their 2 year well check. Just a little late at 27 months ;).
They are growing just fine, still a little small but following the curve....Lucas has even gained a little on his curve.
Lucas 27lbs 2oz (36 %ile) and 34.75 inches (28%ile) ,which is about 12.3kg and 88.3cm
Jacob 25lbs 6oz (11%ile) and 34 inches (19%ile), which is about 11.5kg and 86.4cm
Their Dr had no concerns really and no shots were needed today. We've been given the go ahead to test some dairy on them which I'm excited about. She suggested a little cheese or yogurt but I'm thinking ice cream....just joking, we'll see what we decide on.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three day weekend

The girls had Monday off (studiedag) and so we had a long, nice weekend. We stayed pretty busy. Here's a short recap of what we did.
The girls each had a friend spend the night on Friday. Saturday morning they had ice skating and we also had a showing of the house. Saturday afternoon our friends Fredrik and Brenda came over with their triplet girls. We grilled hamburgers and had a good time.
Sunday afternoon we went to White rock lake near Dallas downtown. We just walked around a little, threw some rocks in the lake and fed some ducks. Later that night a friend of ours from when Michael went to flight school came over for dinner. He was in town for recurrent flight training but lives in Spain and works in the middle east.
Monday we went to an outdoor mall we've never been to before. They had a nice little park area and playground that the boys really enjoyed. We treated ourselves to lunch at Genghi's grill, a place that Michael and I used to go to quite often before the boys were born and while the girls were in school. After we came home we went to the pool. Bad weather was moving in and it quickly became cloudy and much colder than it was earlier so it ended up being a short swim.
As always I have lots of pictures to share.

White rock lake with downtown Dallas in the background.

Michael handing the boys rocks to throw in the lake.


Searching for rocks.

The boys



Lily at the outdoors mall.

Choo choo playground, the boys loved it.

Lily and Maddie

Lucas and Lily

The boys first dip in the pool this year.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maddie's big project

If you remember earlier this year I told you we were helping Maddie with a big project for school that I said I would post about later. Well, she brought home the finished product this Friday....a published book. It turned out great! She dedicated the book to her family, so sweet :).
The book is 18 pages long with illustrations on each page. Here's a few pictures.

The front cover. The book is called Misty.

The first page.

Somewhere in the middle.

The end.