Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ice cream truck

On our last night in the house the ice cream truck came around the neighborhood.

Buying ice cream.

Lucas was pretty happy with his popsicle. They didn't have any smaller ones ;).

Jacob. They actually finished the whole popsicle....minus the little bit that melted.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're finally out of the house

Things didn't go quite as easy as I had anticipated. Turns out we have way way too much stuff. We picked up the moving truck Thursday morning. Two friends came over to help load and we filled up the truck with all the heavy items and things from inside the house. Then Michael and Fredrik (and the girls) went to the storage to unload while the boys took a nap and I cleaned up a little for the buyers final inspection that was scheduled for 4 PM. We then met up with Michael and the girls for our closing at 4:30. The closing wasn't officially going through until Friday so after that we went back home to fill up the truck again with the remaining things which included all the items we've been storing in the attic and the garage as well as things from the yard....the grill, lawnmower, outdoor furniture, play things etc etc. Michael and I had planned on doing this by ourselves after the kids went to bed but Fredrik insisted on coming back to help after dinner and we were lucky he did. He ended up staying till midnight helping us pack the last items that turned out to be way more than we thought. We then stayed up until 3:30 AM and cleaned. Slept for 4 hours. Got up and packed the mattresses and the last few things. It was a puzzle to fit everything. The truck, the Honda and the Volvo were all full when we left the house at 9:30. Michael picked up some guys to help unload at the storage while I took the kids for breakfast at McDonalds. First time ever I bought breakfast at McDonalds, the kids loved it.
We ran out of space in the storage and had to get a second, smaller, storage space.
The truck was supposed to be back at 10 AM but we didn't make it back until 1 PM, they were nice and didn't charge us any extra. After that we had to go back to the house and pick up the volvo and then make a stop at the resale shop to donate some things. Then we checked in at the hotel and unpacked. I was feeling sick I was so exhausted.
So anyway, that's a summary of the first half of the move. The second part will be easier for sure because it doesn't involve any packing or cleaning and we're not on a time table. The storage is about 5 minutes from the new house so we can make as many runs as we need and we can take all the time we need to unpack and get situated. For now we're just trying to recharge at the hotel and stay somewhat occupied so the kids don't destroy the place.

Today we were invited to a midsummer party at our friends Nina and Johan's house. We had the traditional herring and snaps and watched the US vs Ghana soccer game in the background. There were lots of kids there and we all had a good time.


The boys chatting with their new buddy, Blake.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Staying cool

It's miserably hot outside, around 100 degrees (39-40C). Michael left for work on Wednesday. Jakie came down with a fever on Thursday and so we've all been stuck at home and at this point we're all climbing the walls. Jakie is feeling a little better, no fever today but coughing and wheezing so we'll be laying low for awhile so he can get better. Michael won't be home until Tuesday. I've been packing and preparing for the move when the boys nap and after they go to bed at night and I have a feeling the move will go smooth. The worst part will be dealing with the heat.

The girls are beyond excited about moving and are counting the days. They packed most of their toys and things before Michael left for work so they have been pretty bored these past few days. They are a little disappointed we're not moving farther away but they are excited to share the big upstairs gameroom in the new house. They are also looking forward to the brand new school this fall.

The boys obviously have no clue what's going on. They have been asking about the pictures on the walls and candle holders that I've taken down. The boxes have made for a great playground. I know they will do really well after we get settled in and I'm sure they will love that upstairs gameroom just as much as the girls ;). They love climbing stairs and when we were there looking at the house we had to carry them out screaming because they didn't want to leave.

Lucas and Jacob

Monday, June 14, 2010

Moving along

We finally have a contract on the house, closing is set for June 25th. It's been a busy few weeks with negotiations, inspection, repairs, looking for a rental home etc etc. For awhile there we were getting a little concerned that we wouldn't find a suitable home to lease as so many of them were in pretty bad shape. It's apparent that a lot of people don't take care of the house when they're renting. In the end we were very lucky to find a nice house in a good neighborhood, within the same school district the girls attend right now. They will however start a new school but the school itself is brand new and opening it's doors for the first time this fall which means every kid and teacher entering that day will be new there. The house is a little over 200 square feet larger than what we have right now. It's still only 3 bedrooms but instead of a study this one has a large upstairs gameroom with adjoining bath that the girls will share as their bedroom. That will leave one of the downstairs bedrooms as a playroom/guestroom. The yard is a little small but it's overlooking a golf course so the view is very nice. Hopefully the huge and somewhat mean looking dog living next door will turn out to be a nice one ;).
Unfortunately the new house is not available until July 1st which means we will have to put our things in storage for a week and stay at a hotel. Luckily the hotel is free as we are using Michaels Hilton rewards points.
So right now we are working hard on packing and preparing things for the move. Most of us are recovering from a cold, I just got sick two days ago so mine is still going strong, and Maddie had a bout with a stomach thing last night. Not the best timing. The heat isn't helping either, temperatures in the upper 90's (36C and a heat index around 40C). We are so looking forward to getting settled in the new house so we can relax and enjoy the rest of summer break.