Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In our backyard today

As Michael was mowing the lawn this afternoon he decided to do a quick search for black widows in an area with suspicious webbing. He moved a patio stone that was leaning against the fence and found this.

A Black Widow

A close up before we killed it.

And then he found another one in a lot more worrisome spot.....the boys little tikes playhouse.

With an egg sac as well. I guess the playhouse got to go.

We ended up removing a few bricks and a piece of old wood that was laying next to the fence and did a good sweep of various spiderwebs out there. There will be no playing in the backyard for awhile, until we can see how many more we find.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A tour of our house

I know some of you have been waiting to see pictures of our new place so here you are. It's still a work in progress in some areas, as you can tell, but this is it. Come visit us soon!

The heart of the house, living room/dining area/kitchen, looking towards the foyer.

The dining area and kitchen.

The kitchen. A little less cabinet and drawer space than what we are used to but it works.

The living room looking towards the hallway leading to the boys bedroom and playroom.


The boys bedroom.

View of the hallway and playroom from the boys room. Bathroom and linen closet in between.


The view out the playroom window.


Staircase. The garage to the right and laundry room to the left.

View from the staircase landing. Maddie and Lily's room upstairs with a 1/2 bath to the right just as you get to the top of the stairs.

The girls room. Still a work in progress.

The master bedroom.

The patio.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bugs, bugs, bugs

We're definitely living more in the country now than we used to and backing up to a wooded area has it's drawbacks.....namely insects.
Right when we moved in we noticed several large fire ant mounds in the yard, lots of crickets and beetles as well as wasp nests. The crickets makes a really loud noise at night, especially when the lights are on. Then a few days after moving in we had a carpenter ant attack in the pantry. As much as we hate spraying the house with chemicals we put in a call to our exterminator. In the 4 years we lived in our old house we only ever sprayed twice and that was this spring as we had an ant problem inside, turns out this year is a bad bug year due to the weather we've had this winter and spring. The exterminator came out Monday and now the fire ants are gone and it's quiet at night so the cricket population has dramatically decreased which is nice.
Then yesterday we had a handyman come out to fix a few broken sprinkler heads in the backyard. Before leaving he informed me that he had killed a Black Widow that he saw at the corner of our fence. Although Black widows are prevalent in Texas we have never actually seen one so this is the closest encounter we've had so far. Very concerning for sure but after a call to our exterminator we feel better about it. He says not to worry. They generally hide in dark places and don't bother anyone, they are all around and there's just nothing we can do about it other than taking care of the food source. He also said that almost everyone in Texas has brown recluse spiders in their garages and they are even worse than Black Widows. So, obviously, while living in this house we will be using pest control on a more regular basis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Connected again

After 12 days of no cable tv and limited internet through my iPhone we are finally connected to the world again.
We've been keeping busy with unpacking and getting settled in the new house and we are getting close to finishing up the last of it. Michael just left for 7 day tour and when he comes back he's got 2.5 weeks of vacation and we're really looking forward to some relaxing.
Here's some random pictures from the past couple of weeks. More detailed post will come.

Jakie fell outside the house the day we moved in and scraped up his face a little bit.

Lucas and Lily cuddling

We live just south of a small airport and planes fly by very close to our house on landing and take off. Yes, we knew we were that close when we signed the contract ;). It's pretty neat.

Picture of a plane landing from our backyard.

Celebrating Michael's 35th birthday.

At the pool.



Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick update

We are finally moved into the new house as of Thursday. The move went well, we had helpers for about 4 hours and Michael and I finished up the rest ourselves. At the moment we don't have internet, tv or home phone so I'm posting this using my new iPhone as internet connection. It works fine but I won't post any pictures yet as the speed is not that great and I have limited data to use.
So far we are enjoying the new house. It has a much cozier feel to it than our old house. I'm loving the carpet and tile instead of are old hardwood floors that looked dirty as soon as someone walked on it. We back up to a golf course and it's very peaceful to have the green open space to look out over. We enjoy watching the golfers out there. The other night Maddie said "I like the new house better than our old house even though it's smaller". It's actually 200 Sq feet larger but it doesn't have a dining room so the number of rooms are less and since it has an upstairs the first floor are a little smaller than the old house.
We've met several of our neighbors and they all seem very nice. The people next door have a 160lbs Bullmastiff that is a little intimidating but she's not outside all day and hopefully she'll get used to us playing on the other side of the fence.
Maddie and Lily have also found a friend down the street, an 8 year old girl named Maya. They were very excited to meet her and asked to have a sleepover right away.

I will post some pictures as soon as we get internet set up in a week or so.