Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swedish school

Today we had a Halloween party with the Swedish school. For homework the children were to think about what they want to be when they grow up and then dress up as their profession at the party. They served hot dogs and drinks and the kids got to decorate Halloween cookies. Afterwards the kids played at the playground while the teachers held an informational meeting for the parents.

Maddie could not decide if she wants to become a teacher or a veterinarian but she settled on veterinarian when she couldn't think of how to dress up as a teacher.

Lily wants to become a Doctor. I'm thinking a surgeon as she sometimes plays this educational online game where she performs all kinds of surgery. It even includes some real photos of different procedures.

Here are all the Swedish kids. We have Doctors, scientists, a professional soccer player among other things.

The boys played in the field.

Decorating cookies. The two teachers are on the right.

The whole group of kids and parents.

Swedish school have really been a lot of fun so far and there's more fun planned ahead. They have talked about the Swedish election which was earlier this fall, they have had field day at the park, they have talked about communities and different professions among other things and last week they went on a study trip to the Swedish company called Ericsson. The study trip turned out to be a huge success, the kids all had so much fun! They got to see some cool electronics they're working on. The got to play with an old rotary phone which made a big impression on the girls, they got to feed the turtles at the turtle pond, yes they have a turtle pond at Ericsson :). The girls came home with a pen that had a built in flashlight and some other cool things. Coming up they will be inventing things, they will have a Nobel dinner complete with a 3 course meal and servers and the children will get prizes for their inventions. They will also put together a St Lucia procession. Lot's of fun to look forward to!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Problem solved....for now

This little boy won't keep his clothes on at naptime. No matter what we do we always find him naked after nap (or nap without sleeping as it is most days now) and almost always he's had time to wet his bed. I've had to change and wash sheets every afternoon this past week and I'm tired of it. Today he went to bed (at naptime) like this and it worked although I have a feeling it's only temporary.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall in Texas

It is supposed to be fall but it sure doesn't feel like it. Check this out.

This was Monday afternoon.

And this was just a minute ago.

I know some of you got the first snow of the season yesterday and may be a bit jealous but I would trade you in a heart beat right now. We want cooler temperatures!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More fun at a pumpkin patch

Today we went to another fun pumpkin patch and as always we took tons of pictures.

Lily at the patch.

Lucas in the pumpkin house.


The girls helping the boys in the little kids haymaze.

Lucas and Jacob.

Eating shaved ice.

The boys loved the inflatable slides. Jacob made it to the top first. It was pretty high.

And he went down before Michael and Lucas even made it to the top. He loved it!

Lucas loved it too.

Lot's of wooden characters around the patch.

Lucas checking out The Cars.




Jakie had a little tantrum that I turned into a photo shoot ;).

There's actually two pumpkin patches next to each other and this is the border between the two.
There's been a big feud between the two for years. One even sued the other. See the two men in orange, a "guard" from each patch keeping check on things.

Lily on top of the hay bales.

Lily and Jacob.

Two very tired boys after a long day. Michael had promised balloons earlier today but when we were unable to find any at the patch we had to stop at the Dollar store and pick these up. The boys were happy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Parent-Teacher conferences

Last week I had conferences with both Maddie and Lily's teachers.

Maddie's teacher had mostly positive things to say. She rated Maddie's work habits and attitudes all as excellent. Her academics are all good to excellent with the exception of spelling where she needs some improvement. The children are graded every 9 weeks so she hasn't officially been graded yet this year but in her progress report so far she's got three A's (of those she has 100% in science) and two B's (spelling and math). Mrs. M's comment on the progress report: Maddie is a sweet young lady and a pleasure to have in class.

Lily is doing exceptionally well in school. She has straight A's in all subjects so far. She is incredibly smart. She got a 100 % score in her math assessment, she reads well above grade level and she's amazing at spelling. Every Monday they have a pretest for the spelling words of the week, then the kids study the words during the week and have the final test on Friday. Lily has gotten all the words right at every pretest which means every week she's coming home with a list of challenge words and most often she already knows them too. Words like investigation, hypothesis, community and subtrahend. We are very impressed with how well she's doing.
Lily is also a table teacher at school. The children are seated in groups of 4 and each group have a table teacher. The table teacher makes sure everyone at the table does what they're supposed to do. She helps out with instruction when needed and she helps check the other childrens work for completion, making sure they got their names on their papers etc. This is a job she takes very seriously and is very proud of.
Last week she was also star student in her class.

Obviously we are very happy with both of their reports.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toothfairy visit

Lily lost a tooth last night.
Before going to bed she says to me "Mom, if you're the toothfairy, my tooth is under the pillow not the beanbag....just so you know".

I'm not sure why the beanbags are in the bed and how they even fit considering the girls share the bottom bunk (twin bed). The first two weeks after getting the bunkbeds they were fighting over who would get to sleep on top. Nowadays they share the bottom bunk. Why did we even buy bunkbeds?!

Anyway, the toothfairy found the tooth ok.

Lily this morning.

On the way to school this morning.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New PJ's

Look at the new pj's I found for the boys! They absolutely love them.
And I just cut their hair a few days ago, don't they look cute :).

Lucas standing and Jacob sitting.

This is what happens when you turn your back to them for a few minutes. Play doh and alphabet letters swimming in the flower vase.

The pumpkin patch pictures

Somewhere between ice skating, the grocery store and dinner with friends we had time to stop at the pumpkin patch yesterday. This patch is very close to our old house. We just happened to run into our old neighbors, Maddie and Lily's friend that slept over last weekend. What a nice surprise for the girls.

Lucas in the white t-shirt, Jacob in orange.




It's not easy to get 4 kids to look into the camera at once, this is the best I got.

The girls with Toni.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Natalie turned 8 years old this Sunday, October 3rd.
With Michael being out if town I arranged for the girls best friend, our old neighbor, Toni to come sleep over from Saturday till Sunday. I kept it a surprise and didn't tell them until after we came home from ice skating Saturday. I had picked up a couple of movies at blockbuster, and with some popcorn and cheese puffs I made a surprise sleep over basket with a note that said "guess who's coming for a sleep over tonight". The girls had a great time.
On Sunday we celebrated her with cake and presents. We picked up lunch at Mcdonalds and went to a park to eat and play and after that we drove Toni home. I think she was very happy with her day despite daddy being at work. Maddie even asked if we could do the same thing for her birthday.

Close up from last week when out roller skating.

Saturday night with Toni.

She likes this barbie.

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and cake.

At the park.