Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob and Lucas!

The boys turned three years old on Sunday January 30th!





Lucas with balloons.
The balloons and pez dispensers may have been the instant favorites. Easy to please!

Jacob with balloons, waiting for cake.

Do you like my wrapping?

Meringue cake.

Waiting for cake at breakfast.

I'm working on a longer post about what the boys are up to these days, coming later this week. And a video of the boys on their bikes will be posted as soon as Michael has time to upload it from his computer.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday with the dinosaurs

Last week I was able to get a great deal on a one year family membership to a local nature museum and sanctuary. It was $35 for the membership, normally $75. Being a family of 6 that membership paid itself in less than one visit.
We decided to go today to see the Dinosaur exhibit before it ends in 2 days. I took the boys 1.5 years ago, too long ago for them to remember it. Most of the dinosaurs were very realistic, moving and making sounds....even blinking their eyes. Jacob was a little scared and kept his distance, even hid in the stroller.
We also saw some animals, a few snakes and spiders among other creepy crawlies.

It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees and sunny. We were even dressed a little too warm today.

We ended the day with dinner on the patio. Maddie had ordered Tacos as her birthday dinner and since Michael is working on her birthday we decided to make it today.

Petting a corn snake at the entrance. Everyone but Maddie and I were brave enough to touch it.

The girls posing in front of one of the dinosaurs.

Jakie is hiding.

Maddie, Lucas, Jacob, Lily


Jakie and Michael

Lily and Lucas

Lucas did great with the tacos, finished two of them.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthdays coming up....

Check out what we got for the boys birthday! We were able to order them online using reward points from Michaels work credit card, nice!
We had the boys test ride them at a local bike shop the other week and I think they will be very excited!
Professional bikers rave about these things. Tricycles and training wheels are nothing like riding a real bike but this way kids learn to balance and ride a bike without pedals and the transition to a real bike, later, is very easy.

I can't spill the beans on what Maddie's getting since she reads on here sometimes but I'm positive she will be equally excited :).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texas winter

I'm actually starting to like our Texas winters. Most of the time the weather is comfortable and we can enjoy the outdoors more than we can in the summers. We usually get at least a couple of snow days a season which is fun but it's always nice when it warms back up again.
Here's some recent pictures from the beginning of this month.

This was January 7th. We're enjoying a perfect afternoon/evening at a park.

We grilled hot dogs and smores.

A beautiful sunset!

We started to hear the coyotes howling at sunset so we didn't stay too much longer after it got dark.

And two days after our picnic at the park, snow!

View from the backyard.

Jacob and Lucas.

It stayed cold for most of the week following so we had several days to play in the snow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Report cards!

Maddie and Lily got their report cards today. The school year is divided into three 9 week grading periods and last week was the end of the 2nd 9 weeks.

They're graded on a scale of 100. Anything 90 and up is considered an A, 80-90 a B, 70-80 a C. An average of 70 is required to be promoted to the next grade.

Maddie got a mix of A's and strong B's (88 and 89) and an A/B honor roll certificate!

Lily got all A's, 100 in math, 99 in language arts, 96 in reading and 92 and 95 in science and social studies respectively. She got an A honor roll certificate!

We are so proud of both of them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Holidays....

So I started off writing this long post about our Christmas and winter break but I just can't seem to find the time and energy to finish it so I've decided to just post pictures and leave it at that. We had a very nice Christmas and this year was really special for the boys. It's the first year they really understand what's going on and they loved every moment!

The tree after Santa's visit.

Maddie and Lily, Christmas Eve morning.

Two very excited boys.

Jakie and Lukie got bouncy balls that light up in their stockings.

Opening gifts in the morning.

Saffron buns and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Christmas lunch.

Lily's reaction to rollerblades.
She got the robe she's wearing just before and had to put it on.

Maddie's happy reaction to Sims 2.


Michael and Lucas.

The boys got an elefun game.

The kids posing with their sweaters they got from Mark and Lisa (Michaels uncle and wife).
Notice Lily's black eye (this picture was taken about 1 week after the incident so it's looking much better than it did). Two days before Christmas she fell in our staircase which resulted in a trip to the ER and 4 stitches in the eyebrow.