Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy winter weather

For the 4th day in a row we're "iced in" and school is canceled. It started Monday evening with a big winter storm moving through. For the first time in my life I experienced a thunderstorm with snow and hail. We woke up to a solid sheet of ice on the roads. The temperature has stayed extremely cold since then, between 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit and windchill as low as -12 (-25 C), so the ice is still there. On top of that we got a bunch of snow tonight. It's been total chaos in Dallas since Tuesday, very bad timing considering Super Bowl on Sunday. Tomorrow it's supposed to warm up and hopefully that will clear the roads.
We do have food to last us another few days but we're running low on diapers and that's not good ;). We also had a sleepover "party" planned for Maddie tonight that we have had to postpone. Besides that we're just going a little stir crazy. I should probably just be happy and thankful that we have power, a warm house and no frozen water pipes unlike some of my local friends.

View from our front door. It looks like snow but it's ice, I skated on it to go get the diaper bag in the car just before taking this picture.

It's all ice!

Monday evening before the storm a dozen men were out on the golf court covering up the greens with giant tarps!

Snow is so much more fun than ice! The pictures below are from this morning.

The golf course looks peaceful with all the snow.

We had to be extra careful out there since the ice is underneath the snow and some spots were quite slippery.

Maddie had to keep a production line of snowballs for the boys....even though it wasn't the best kind of snow (ingen kramsnö alltsÄ ;) ).

Jumping in the snow.

Jakie, Lily, Lukie.
Lucas ate snow for breakfast this morning.


Lily and Jakie.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lucas and Jacob on their new Strider bikes

The boys are out trying their new Strider bicycles on their birthday, one of the last nice weather days before the winter weather arrived.

Happy 10th Birthday Maddie!

Our first born is turning 10 years old today! Where did the time go?
We're all iced in since yesterday so the girls have had no school for 2 days and school is cancelled for tomorrow as well. Lily woke me up at 8:30 this morning and we then woke up the boys so we could go "surprise" Maddie.
Her big birthday gift this year was an ipod touch. She was very happy with it even though it was not on her wish list. She's been playing with it all day. She also got a few smaller present, lika a double jump rope, lip gloss, some hair accessories and a magazine.

Maddie opening her ipod touch.


Birthday cards from the grandparents.

Birthday breakfast.