Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday parties

The boys have been invited and gone to 2 birthday parties in the past few weeks and have another one coming up in 2 weeks.
First was their twin buddies, Jacob and Jonah's 3rd birthday. Their mom, Shannon, and I have known each other since we were pregnant with the boys and we were due around the same time. Their dad is a pilot like Michael and actually works for NetJets competition so our families have a lot in common. The party was so much fun! The local fire department made a visit at the party and all the kids got to sit in the firetruck and check out the gear. They also had a little bounce house in the backyard and we had hot dogs and cake. It was a great party.

Lucas in the fire truck.

Jacob and Lily in the fire truck.

3 sets of twins.

Group shot.

The second party was for Anton's 3rd birthday. Anton is a little boy in our Swedish group. It was at a park. The boys have really become good friends with Anton (Fanton, as they call him ) and they followed each other at the playground, played ball together and had fun blowing soap bubbles.

Some of our Swedish friends.

Anton and Lucas

Blowing soap bubbles.

Next they're invited to a birthday at a bounce house place. The girls have been there when they were younger and it's a fun place but the boys have never been before. This time it's for a little boy turning 4 that we've actually never met. We ran into his dad at Target the other day, they're Swedish and just moved to the area from California so they are looking for some new friends for themselves and their son. Should be fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 year old boys

Back when the boys turned 3 I promised a more detailed post on what they are doing these days so here it is, just a little late ;).

They are still very similar in personality and temper. They are pretty easy going most of the time and they entertain themselves so much better nowadays. For the most part they also get along very well. We do get some fights every now and then as well as a temper tantrum once in awhile but nothing too bad.
Lucas is a little more outgoing at the moment and takes to new people quicker than Jacob.
They copy each other a lot, Lucas copies Jacob more often than the other way around. He will even copy Jacob and drop a piece of food on the floor if Jacob accidentally dropped something. He's too funny sometimes.

They are still obsessed with their abc's. They know all upper case and lower case letters, they know most phonetic sounds and can name a few things starting with each letter.
They also love playing with play doh, painting with water colors, blowing bubbles, any play that includes water, playing outside, picking flowers and collecting leaves, rocks, sticks and anything else they can find.

They are talking really well nowadays, putting together longer sentences in both english and swedish.

A few weeks age we converted their cribs into toddler beds. This was not something we were looking forward to but it was time and we were pleasantly surprised. They did amazing with the transition. The first week they did not even get out of bed once at bed time and in the morning they stayed in bed until we came and got them. Since then they've started getting up themselves in the morning which has lead to a somewhat earlier wake up time. Going to bed at night is still going really well and they rarely get up at all and if they do it's just once. The one problem we've had is falling out of bed in the middle of the night. The first night Lucas fell out 5 times, without waking up a single time. As a temporary solution we decided to put a suit case next to his bed and Jacob's bed is cornered by Lucas's bed. They still manage to fall out once in awhile and a few times we've been woken up by Lucas crying and came in to find him stuck underneath the bed and not able to get out. Just a couple of nights ago Jacob came in to my room at 5 am, as I carried him back to his room I ran into Lucas who was asleep on the kitchen floor....not sure if he was sleep walking or what.

A few pictures...

The bedroom arrangement (without the suitcase).

Lucas the first night in the toddler bed.

Jacob the first night in the toddler bed.

A couple of hours after falling asleep Jakie had already managed to fall out of bed, still sleeping too.

Lucas and Jacob. 3 year photo shoot in the backyard.

Lucas and Jacob. I sat them on the table so they would stay still for me.

Yes, I arranged this but it's so cute ;) !