Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

It's been a stormy Easter weekend here in Texas with thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and high winds. So far we haven't been hit that hard in our neighborhood but more storms are coming. We did have a little mishap with the car Sunday night though. Maddie went out to get something in the car Sunday evening and forgot to close the sliding door. The car sat open all night during the storm and Monday morning it was very wet! It's dry now but unfortunately it smells pretty bad. I guess it's time for a professional cleaning.

We did get some breaks between the storms and Saturday morning before Michael left for work we did an egg hunt for the kids in our backyard.



Saturday afternoon we went to a Birthday party/cookout at a friends house. The girls went swimming in their pool, the first swim of the season, with the older kids at the party. The water felt pretty cold to me but the girls were probably in there a total of 3 hours, they just got up for some food and cake in between.

Playing with friends.

Kids in the pool.

Sunday was a lazy day at home. I decided to give the boys a hair cut and I just love how cute they are in their short cuts. They are pretty happy themselves.

Lucas new hair cut.


Love these flowers all around the golf course.

Sunset last night.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy and having fun

Lately we've been busy with all sorts of fun activities.
I'm so behind on blogging so I'm just going to make a combined recap post without too many details.

The Birthday party we went to last Sunday (almost 2 weeks ago) was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I forgot our camera and my iphone wasn't able to take any good pictures with all the motion going on. Lucas went bouncing right away and even climbed the big inflatable slides by himself while Jakie needed a little bit of coaxing to get started and wanted daddy to stay with him most of the time. Maddie and Lily had a lot of fun too even though the rest of the kids were much younger.

Lily and Lucas heading up a slide.

A blurry group picture with the birthday boy crawling in the middle.

That Wednesday the girls went to Ikea on a field trip with the Swedish school and since Michael was home I went along with them. The kids always enjoy a field trip even though the presentation that was given was a little long and....well, more suitable for older kids. Most of us stayed and ate dinner at the Ikea restaurant afterwards so that was a special treat.

In the Ikea Lobby.

Last Friday the boys and I had some friends over for play and lunch, the boys twin buddies Alexandra and Rebecca and mom Ann-Sofie and their younger buddy Alvin and mom Hanna. Everyone had fun but for some reason Lucas decided to take a nap after lunch, he didn't show up at the table for dessert and I found him asleep in Jakie's bed. The boys never take naps nowadays so this is unusual. He stayed asleep until after they had left and we had to go get Maddie and Lily.

That weekend Maddie and Lily were supposed to have a sleepover with their friend Toni but she got sick at the last minute so instead we went to the library for some books and movies. After that we stopped at McDonalds for ice cream and to play in their play area. We watched "The sound of music" and in the evening we went out biking in the neighborhood. The boys love riding their "motorcycles", I'm trying to get them to call them bicycles but haven't had any luck so far. Oh well, I guess we can pretend. Maddie and Lily also made a new friend a street over, a girl named Annie, which they are very excited about.

On Monday the boys and I went to the Zoo with our friends Jessica, Anton and Emil.
Farfar (grandpa) and Maud got us a membership to the Zoo when they were here and we're loving it. The membership gives us free parking, entrance and unlimited train and carousel rides so it costs us absolutely nothing to go and it's good for a year. Coming on a weekday was perfect. The boys had been talking about elephants in the car so we went straight for the African Savannah and got a good show of the elephants bathing in a mud puddle. We also got a close up encounter with the Giraffes, you could actually buy Giraffe treats and feed them but the boys did not want to go that close. After that we watched a show with the Cheetah's which was also pretty cool. We enjoyed a picnic we had a brought from home and continued looking at animals. We saw all sorts of monkeys and birds, a rhino, otters, warthogs, giant turtles among others. We also watched a boy riding a dromedary.


Lucas and Anton watching the giraffes.

Every Wednesday we meet with the Swedish playgroup at a park (the park varies) and this Wednesday we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Everyone brought 10 eggs per child filled with treats. The boys had a blast picking eggs. They would pick one and stop and open it to see what was in it instead of hurrying to get more. Luckily all the moms made sure their child only picked their 10 eggs so there were no need to rush like at most other egg hunts.

After the egg hunt we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a pizza restaurant and our friends Jeanette, Mike and their daughter Aiyanna from playgroup joined us.



Tonight we're having dinner with our friends Fredrik and Brenda and on Saturday we have another birthday party/cookout to go to, our Swedish friend Lana turns 3.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One year older...

Today I turned 32 years old.
I had a wonderful day with my family. The weather was just perfect. We grilled steaks in the backyard and ate outside. Instead of a traditional cake I decided on cheesecake so we bought a sample tray, it was delicious.
Michael and the girls went shopping the other day and I got some nice gifts. A book that I had wished for, new sunglasses, a necklace and soap that Lily had picked out, a basket with lotion, shower gel, perfume and lipgloss that Maddie had picked out, and a giftcard to Ulta (a beauty store). The boys were excited to help open the gifts.

Michael is putting the kids to bed so I decided to download the pictures and make a blog post before we watch a movie.

In a few weeks Michael and I have been together 16 years and I just realized the other day that that means I've been with Michael for half my life! Crazy thought!

The scary dog next door.

Some geese right behind our yard.

Maddie took a picture of me in my new sunglasses.


Monday, April 11, 2011

An evening at the park.

While the girls were in Swedish school last week the boys and I spent some time in this wonderful park. The pictures were taken with my iphone so the quality isn't the best.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Third nine weeks report

This year is going by so quickly! The girls finished another 9 week segment in school which means they only have another 9 weeks remaining until the year is over. 8.5 weeks to be exact.
I can't believe we will have a 5th grader next year, the last year of elementary school and then she's moving on to middle school. It will also be the last year we ever have all our school aged children in the same school.
I thought I'd post a little update on each of the girls.

Maddie's grades went from 2 A's and 3 B's last 9 weeks to 4 A's and 1 strong B on this report.

Language arts 95
Math 88
Reading 90
Science 94
Social Studies 96

On a scale of 100, anything 90 and up is an A, 80 and up a B and so on.
She was recognized as an A/B honor roll student with perfect attendance at the 9 weeks celebration. Her hard work is paying off and we're very proud of her!

A few weeks ago 2 pieces of art work that Maddie's has done in school were chosen to be in the school districts annual art show. She the artist in the family!

Maddie at the art show.

Love this painting!

Natalie's grades stayed about the same, she got straight A's as usual. I'm not sure where this kid gets her brains from, she is just so smart. In the 3 grading periods they've had this school year she hasn't ever gotten anything less than an A. In fact I don't know if she's ever gotten a B in her life.

Language arts 100
Math 99
Reading 96
Science 96
Social studies 96

She was recognized as an A honor roll student, also with perfect attendance (meaning no absences during this grading period).

During the celebration she was also give a special award from her teacher. Each teacher gives 2 of their students an award at the "end of the 9 weeks celebration" in a specific category. This time the 2nd graders were awarded "Boot Scootin' Brainiac" awards (yes, they were doing a western theme celebration) and Lily was one of the kids that got the award. We are so happy for her and incredibly proud.

The week before the celebration she was also the spelling bee winner in her class which meant she got to represent her class in the grade spelling bee together with another girl from her class. She did very well and made it pretty far but missed on capitalizing the first letter in a word, can't remember which word at the moment.

Beautiful and smart!