Thursday, June 30, 2011

The resort at night

We left San Antonio this afternoon and drove north to Austin. We've had a great time at the resort and we will definitely come back again. I thought I'd post a few more pictures, taken at night.

The fire pit is open for smores making every night.

Enjoying some smores.

Going for a walk at sunset.

This restaurant serves the best breakfast buffet in the morning.

Maddie and Lily lounging on the patio.

The resort at night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Next stop on our trip

We left downtown San Antonio yesterday for a beautiful resort 20 minutes north. We've spent most of our time in the water park area and all of us have had a wonderful time.

This is the view from our balcony.

One of the rooms. The girls have their own room and we have an adjoining door in between, perfect!

The bathroom. I had to post a picture because it's so nice, separate tub and shower.

View of the water park area from the elevators.

The resort.

We went tubing down this lazy river several times. A 15 minute ride the whole loop.

Maddie on her way up to the water slide. The girls went down the big slides by themselves over and over again. They had so much fun!


The children's area and the tower up to the big water slides.

Jakie was to scared to go down by himself in the beginning. Towards the end of the second day he finally decided to go down by himself and we just caught him at the bottom. After a little while of doing that he yelled to me "Don't catch mommy". He was so happy and proud of himself he literally skipped through the pool while singing out loud and went again and again.


Dinner the first night. Tonight we ate right by the pool.

Going down the slide.


Snack break.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit to the Alamo

Before checking out of the hotel this morning we walked over to the Alamo, a must see in San Antonio and a very important part of Texas history. Beautiful grounds and buildings too!

The Alamo

Daughters of the republic of Texas library.

The Shrine.

The Shrine.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Road trip 2011, San Antonio

We left home by 9:30 this morning and arrived in San Antonio at 3 PM. After checking in at the hotel and taking a little break in the room we went out to explore the riverwalk and downtown area. Such a beautiful place, lot's of history and character. It was very hot though, as expected, with a heat index of 107 degrees (42C).
We took a 30 minute boat tour on the river which was nice and after that we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. The food was good although we ate way too much of the complimentary chips and salsa before our dinner arrived. The restaurant was pretty simplistic but felt quite authentic and there was live music.
After dinner we walked around some more. Passed through a little historic arts district called La Villita. We ended the day with ice cream down by the river before heading back to the hotel.
Tomorrow afternoon we're leaving downtown for a resort style hotel outside San Antonio for some relaxing.

Salsa by straw.

Live, very loud, music.


La Villita arts district.

La Villita.

La Villita.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsummer parties.

Midsummer is a big holiday in Sweden. Celebrated at the end of June every year.
This Friday we celebrated with our friends Fredrik and Brenda at our house and on Saturday we were invited to our friends Madelen and Karim's house for a big cookout party. I think we were somewhere around 15 families that got together. The party started with a traditional midsummer lunch potluck style, with herring, potatoes, jansson's, meatballs and so on. After lunch they served strawberry cake, princesscake, strawberries and whipped cream and fruit sallad.
It was a really hot day but the kids and quite a few adults swam in the pool and everyone had a great time. In the evening Karim grilled steaks and chicken, served with potato sallad and green sallad. Everything delicious....although I was still kind of stuffed from the lunch and cakes :).
Madde and Karim have a huge backyard, with a great pool and wonderful large trees for shade (even though the trees make it hard for them to grow grass in the yard), it's perfect for big parties!

Once again I forgot our camera but here's a few pics from my iphone.