Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping, playdates and swimming....

Michael went back to work this Tuesday so the kids and I are back to being home by ourselves. The girls went to Toni's house on Wednesday and spent the night so the house got very empty....not quiet though ;).

We've been to the pool twice so far and yesterday we met up with our friends My, Aylah and Celina to play and eat ice cream at Mcdonalds.

Today we went school supply shopping at Walmart. We were out early this year and it sure paid off, we were able to get everything in one stop where I normally go to 3-4 places to find everything we need. The school offers pre-packaged school supplies that you can order but I think I was able to get the supplies for half the price it would have cost me to do the packages.

Here are the boys with their new found "toys"....milk and juice cartons. They are having a lot of fun with these, playing that they are elevators ("hissen" as they call them). In the picture they are also watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakquel", currently their favorite movie. They often call themselves by the charachters, Jakie being Simon and Lukie being Theodore but they can't say Theodore so they say "Dedore" which sounds so adorable.

All the school supplies, Maddie's to the left and Lily's to the right.
Every year we get a list of supplies the kids need for the school year and it looks about the same every year, quite a lot of stuff to buy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday celebration

Michael turned 36 this past Monday. I think he had a pretty nice and relaxing birthday. Some birthday gifts, princess cake, relaxing by the pool and fondue for dinner.

Story in bed in the morning.

Birthday cake. I could not find our birthday candles at the last minute so resorted to this one.

The boys opened every single gift for him.

Maddie and Lily suggested we'd give him another helicopter to replace the last one he had which broke. He was very happy.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

This week....

We've had a pretty relaxing week at home. The girls had their friend Toni over for a sleepover one night, we've been swimming in the pool, we ran some errands, watched some movies, had friends over for dinner Friday night and just generally tried to keep cool in this extreme heat we're having here.

That's temperatures ranging between 38-40 C (for those of you in Sweden) and generally we have a heat index of yet a couple degrees higher. It's been like this for a month already (the heat came early this year) and will probably stay like this until September.

Tomorrow is the last day of Michaels vacation and it's also his birthday so we're baking a cake at the moment. The temperature in the family room/kitchen is 81 degrees (27C) right now, 3 degrees above what it's set to. The A/C has a hard time keeping up in this heat and as soon as you start cooking (oven or stove) the temperature inside creeps up.

The boys are full of mischief these days and it's about to drive us crazy ;). The latest; They broke our Wii console by putting things inside it. Maddie and Lily traded some games in for a new game they wanted yesterday, only to come home and find the Wii not working. Michael investigated and a quarter fell out but still not working. We're taking it to a place to see if they can repair it. Then, a few moments ago while I was making the cake batter Lucas got hold of our ovaltine (chocolate milk mix powder) and sneaked off to the staircase. This is what we found.

He's pretty happy with himself.

This really isn't unusual, they do similar things all the time. Yesterday morning when we woke up they were awake and had gotten the frozen alphabet potatoes out of the freezer and were eating them in their room. They help themselves to things in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry all the time. And the other day, Michael could not find his cell phone....only to find it in the freezer a little later. Oh the fun with 3 year olds :).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence day

Our friends Fredrik and Brenda invited us to join them for a 4th of July celebration at a local park. The celebration included live music and other fun attractions but we decided to sit on the opposite side of a lake where it wasn't so crowded and the music not so loud. It was a very nice evening, although very hot and humid. The evening ended with an amazing fireworks display with probably the best grand finale we've ever seen, see my video further down.

Maddie and Lily with Kate, Sophie and Emma.

Lucas and Emma looking at something in the lake.

Todd, Joanne, Fredrik and Brenda.

Todd accidentally tossed our frisbee in the lake and while Michael tried to fish it out the kids (and then some) anxiously watched them from the side. Lucas was very upset about the frisbee and here Michael is trying to calm him down, such a funny scene.

Our view of the stage and festivities from the other side of the lake.

Me and Lucas.


They sure know how to put on great firework shows here in America. This is only the last 3 minutes of what was probably a 15 minute show, if not longer. Make sure you watch the ending because it's pretty awesome.

Friday, July 1, 2011


So after 4 wonderful days in San Antonio we came to Austin and unfortunately that part of the trip wasn't as exciting. In hindsight Michael and I both agreed that we should have done Austin first and saved the best for last or skipped Austin all together and stayed a little longer in San Antonio but oh well.
We requested a late check out from the resort so we spent a couple of hours in the water park before checking out and heading north. We arrived in Austin by late afternoon and we were all tired so we decided to spend the rest of the day at the hotel. The next day we slept in and after breakfast we went to Whole foods and bought some picnic foods to bring to a local pool. Deep Eddy Pool is listed as a historic landmark on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest swimming pool in Texas. The pool is fed by water from a 35 feet deep well and is not chlorinated and the water temperature stays between 65 and 75 degrees. The swimming pool itself wasn't all that impressive but the kids had fun anyways.

After swimming we went to see the Capitol. We've been there before but it's so long ago that the girls didn't remember it. They enjoyed seeing it again.

Lily, funny girl, decided to take pictures of each of the paintings inside the Capitol dome.

After that we made a short stop at the hotel before heading out to see the famous Bat flight from underneath the Congress Avenue bridge. The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue bridge in downtown Austin is the spring and summer home to some 750,000 bats with up to 1.5 million bats at the peak of the bat-watching season. It's the largest urban bat colony in North America. And every night around sunset they emerge from underneath the bridge.

You need to enlarge the picture to actually see the bats ;).

Bats taking flight.

Downtown Austin with the Capitol in the far distant.

The hotel.

We left early the next day and made it home by mid afternoon today. It's been a good trip but it's nice to be home.