Saturday, August 27, 2011

First week of school

The girls had a good first week back to school. The teachers went easy on them and only Lily had a couple of homework assignments. Both girls commented on how fast the week went by and I agree.

Michael left for work early Wednesday morning and the boys and I went to Swedish playgroup at a splash park that morning. Most of our friends are back from their trips to Sweden and we also have some new moms that have moved to the area.

The temperature is still miserably hot, over 100 degrees every day (40-42C) but the low temperatures at night are going down a little. The boys and I stopped at the playground yesterday after dropping off the girls at school, at 7:40am it was already 82 degrees (28C) but the play equipment was at least cool enough to play on. The boys were having so much fun for about 10 minutes when Jakie in all his excitement fell off the play structure, about a 3-4 foot fall landing flat on his side. Luckily he wasn't hurt badly, only a few scrapes on his leg from the wood chips but after that he wanted to go home and so we did.

At the playground before the fall.

Friday night relaxing with the sisters.

Here's a video of Jakie singing. Can you hear what song it is? Maybe we have a future "Justin Bieber" ;).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to school again

Yesterday it was time for "Meet the teacher" at school again. Both girls were excited about the teachers they got and the classes they are in. With Maddie starting 5th grade she will actually rotate classrooms and teachers daily, depending on subject, but she got Mr. S as her homeroom teacher which is exactly who she was hoping for. This is our first year with a male teacher, other than their PE teachers in previous years, there are not that many male teachers around in the elementary level.

Lily was also happy with her teacher and excited that one of her best friends from last year is in her class again. Since this year she will be in the gifted and talented program she will have a 2 hours of instruction with the GT group weekly. According to her teacher there are 3 or 4 kids in her class that are in the program, they like to keep those kids together. We're excited to find out more about what they will be doing as time goes on.

We said hi to the teachers, new and old. Met some of the girls friends, dropped off the school supplies and picked up forms and other papers. We're hoping for a great year.

After "meet the teacher" the girls friend Toni came over for a sleep over. This morning we went to the pool and for lunch we treated the girls to subway while the rest of us got some food from Chipotle (mexican). After taking Toni home in the afternoon we stopped at Target for some last minute items for school. The girls are going to bed "early" tonight, trying to get back into the school routine. We got an alarm clock for the girls so this year they will be responsible for getting themselves up in the morning. Not that it gives me or Michael much extra time to sleep in since we still have to drive them but at least it's good for them to get into that habit.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Visit to the dentist

We finally found a new dentist for the kids. One a little closer to where we live now and a place that feels much more friendly than our last dental office.
Maddie and Lily went a couple of weeks ago, they had not been in over a year. They did very well and I have to say that I was a little surprised that neither of them had even the smallest cavity. They got great remarks from the dentist.

The boys had their first official dentist appointment and cleaning ever today. Jacob has seen the dentist before due to his extra tooth in front but he was only a baby a doesn't have any memory of it. They did very well. Both of them were a little hesitant to sit in the chair at first but they were very cooperative and allowed the dentist to clean their teeth without any problems. They got a private room that had 2 chairs and the staff were just amazing with the boys. They each got to choose a toothbrush, sweet Jakie choose pink and Lucas choose orange. They happily picked out a price at the end (both choose a light up bouncy ball) and left with a baggie with toothpaste, floss and their toothbrush.


Lucas checking out the dragons teeth.

Jakie and Rex the dinosaur.

Jakie picking out a toothbrush.