Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for report cards

The first 9 weeks of school ended last week and today they had the first 9 week celebration of the school year. Those weeks sure went by quickly! The girls brought home their report cards this week and so I thought it's time for a blog update.

Maddie is doing very well this year. Her grades this first 9 weeks are as follows; Language Arts 91, Math 88, Reading 94, Science 93, Social Studies 95 (4 A's and 1 B). We're so proud of her!
I had a parent-teacher conference with her teacher a few weeks ago and he was very pleased with her performance. The only thing he wanted her to improve on is the fact that she is very quiet in class and he wants her to take part in discussions more. Sounds like she is very similar to me growing up as I got that same comment from teachers a lot.

This year Maddie signed up for "Safety patrol duties" (skolpolis). For now she's on duty every Monday morning where she opens car doors and greets students in the drop off lane. She's enjoying the extra responsibilities.
In a few weeks it's time for 5th grade camp! It's 3 day/2 night trip and it'll be the first time Maddie is away on her own for that long. She is very excited!

Lily is also doing very well. Her grades this first 9 weeks are as follows; Language Arts 97, Math 95, Reading 96, Science 98, Social Studies 95 (all strong A's). As of this year she's in the Gifted and Talanted program (GT) and every Monday she goes to a special GT class. She enjoys the program very much.

Lily has joined a "Kindness and compassion club" they've started at school. A group that focuses on creating a culture of kindness and compassion at school, they directly address the root problem of isolation, prejudice and bullying. They work to find ways that students can help make the school a place where everyone feels accepted.