Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eventful weekend

Maddie started off the weekend with a trip to Great wolf lodge. Her best friend got to invite 2 friends to celebrate her 11th birthday. Great wolf lodge is an indoor water park/resort. Generally the water park is only open for guests staying at the resort but Maddie's friend was able to buy day passes as part of an annual fundraiser for "Big Brothers big Sisters of America". They left school early, after lunch, and stayed until close. She had so much fun!

Saturday morning started off with Lily falling off her friends electric scooter. She hit her face on the ground and chipped part of her left front tooth.We put in a call to the dentist and they so happens to be open the first Saturday of the month so we were able to get in right away. Not even 90 minutes after the fall her tooth was fixed, you can't even tell it happened. The fix is only temporary though and it will be redone in a few months. She will also need to go back for x-rays every 3 weeks to make sure there's no nerve damage.

Then, late last night we experienced our first earthquake here in Dallas. The quake originated in Oklahoma and measured a 5.6 on the Richter scale, it was felt in 7 states. The kids were already asleep and didn't wake up. At first I thought it was the wind that had picked up because the windows were rattling and the house made creaking sounds like it sometimes does in heavy wind. Then I realized the bed was shaking and we knew. It went on for close to a minute and then it stopped and went quiet, a weird feeling.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

The weekend before Halloween we went trick or treating in a neighborhood close by. The community puts on an annual event called "Ghouls on the lawn" with activities such as ghost stories, smores making, a haunted graveyard, petting zoo, horse drawn carriage rides etc. Great fun!

The boys were not so sure about trick or treating.

Lovely neighborhood with beautiful homes.

Cool Halloween decorations.

Scary costumes.

Harry Potter.

On actual Halloween we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. Michael was out of town and I had spent the night before and most of the day sick with a stomach bug. The girls stayed home from school that day because I was unable to drive them in the morning and they were able to help with the boys. At the end of the day I did manage to take the kids around the neighborhood. The boys were really getting into trick or treating and after we hit the first house Jakie looked at me excitedly and exclaimed "It worked!"
Maddie and both boys had already been sick but Lily came down with the bug the morning after Halloween and ended up staying home another 2 days before she was able to return to school.

Trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Our little firemen, Jacob and Lucas.