Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our first preschool social.

The boys started preschool this year (look for a separate post on how they are doing within a few days) and a couple of weeks ago we had our first get together with their classmates. The plan is to have monthly socials outside of school so that the kids can play and get to know each other better. This time we met at a pumpkin patch.  a good turn out. While waiting for everyone to arrive we fed some Texas Longhorns and goats then we all decided to start with the hayride.

Everyone in this wagon but a couple on the end were from our preschool class.

They boys having a snack while waiting for the hayride to start.

The sky grew darker and darker.

Just as the hayride came to a stop the temperature dropped 20 degrees (literally, Texas weather can be crazy) and the rain started to come down. We all hurried out on the field to pick our complimentary pumpkins and everyone ran for their cars. Luckily the boys had insisted on bringing their jackets, even though I thought it was too warm, and we put those on and took our time leaving. 

On our way to the car we stopped and took some pictures.

The boys being silly.

Unfortunaly our get together was cut short but it was great to meet all of the boy's friends and their mothers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The weekend before Halloween we went trick or treat in Frisco town square. The kids all got dressed up and were excited to get some candy. We bought spiderman costumes for the boys this year but it was a little chilly outside that day and we decided to go with their fireman costumes from last year so that they could wear warmer clothes underneath. Maddie quickly regretted wearing her costume once we got there seeing that there wasn't very many kids her age dressed up. She ended up not trick or treating at all and just walked behind us hoping to be going home as soon as possible :).

Lily, Lucas and Jacob ready to trick or treat.

Maddie didn't want to pose for pictures but let me take this one at least.

The boys have been very excited about Halloween and everything that goes with it. One of their favorite things to do have been to go to the Halloween store to look at different decorations. They got really fascinated by these scream masks and Michael ended up getting them a mask each.

On our way to school.

Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year. The girls had some friends over after school and I made some chocolate pudding snacks, while Michael made a witches brew with dry ice.

Maddie and Kaycee.

The boy's new spiderman costumes stayed in the closet because they decided they wanted to wear their screm masks. Since we didn't have a costume to go with their mask they ended up wearing black slacks and a black t-shirt.

This year Maddie went trick or treating alone with her friends. There was 4 of them to begin and then they picked up a few more friends on the way. Lily went with her best friend and their family and Michael and I walked around the block with the boys.

Trick or treat!

The boys and their loot.

Before trick or treating.

Afterwards they all hung out in Maddie's room, eating candy.

Lily and her loot.

After Halloween we thought we might be able to pick up some tombstones on sale for the boys. They call it skeleton doors and had been wanting to buy some. When we were not able to find any in the stores Michael and the boys went to Home Depot and got some plywood and spray paint. With my help they created these tombstones. The boys were thrilled and although our outside decorations have been taken down by now, the boys are still playing with their tombstones and some other Halloween decorations inside.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Awards and class parties

The end of the year parties at school was held on Thursday and the award ceremonies took place before the parties that morning. Michael was back in town so we split up and since he missed out on Maddie's graduation ceremony the night before he went to her award ceremony and I went to Lily's.
Not surprisingly Lily got the spelling award. She always get's the challenge list for her spelling homework (they have a pretest on Monday's and if you get all the words right you get a challenge list for bonus points) and she placed 2nd in the distric's UIL spelling contest earlier this year. She says that her classmates usually asks her for the correct spelling when they need to instead of getting the dictionary ;). I'm so proud of her! Her party followed the awards and due to a few very wet days beforehand they were not able to be outside that morning and they had to set up all the games inside. The kids had fun though. They got facepaint and popsicles and they also got to decorate their own cupcakes.

Playing a cookie game.

Stacking bolts game.

Lucas helping Lily play a game.

Face paint station.


Maddie got a pretty special award, "Star Performer", for being a model student in her class and always doing the right thing. I couldn't be more proud of her. Michael filmed when she got it so here it is.

The 5th grade party followed after the awards and what a party it was! Definitely the coolest party we've had at school.

They had a game truck come. I have never seen such a thing but the kids thought it was so cool. Leather couches and many tv's, game consoles and games.

Dunking their teachers.

Inside the game truck.

Laser tag.

Maddie and her friend Jolee.

They also had an angry bird slingshot game. They got pizza and our favorite frozen yogurt place (Cherry Berry) came with frozen yogurt and toppings so the kids got to make their own ice cream creations. They partied all day and had so much fun.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maddie's graduation ceremony

This last week of school has been full of activities, especially for Maddie as she is graduating from elementary school. Wednesday evening she had her formal graduation ceremony where she received her diploma. All the 5th graders performed a song, some students read speaches on the topic "Looking back, looking forward", the principal held a speech and there was a slideshow of the kids with baby pictures as well as more current photos. After the ceremony we had cake and lemonade and it was a very special evening.

Of course I took lot's of pictures as well as some video's with my iPhone. This first video is of the 5th graders entering the cafeteria to the song "Over the rainbow", I love that song!


The whole 5th grade performing R. Kelly's "The world's greatest".  Great song to perform at graduation, it was a very special moment for these kids.


Maddie before the ceremony.

The program.

Maddie and her friend Amber.


Cheering after everyone received their diplomas.

Maddie recieving her diploma.

Maddie's class cake.

Maddie and her science teacher.

Maddie and her math teacher.

Maddie and her homeroom/english teacher.

Maddie and her best friend Kaycee.

Maddie and her friends Kaycee and Jolee.

Maddie and me outside of school after the ceremony. I can't believe she's almost as tall as me, she's still 3 inches shorter but with the heels she's wearing in this picture she looks as tall as me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching up with a few pictures

Since I haven't been very active on the blog lately I thought I'd catch up with a few random pictures.

Maddie got a new haircut, with side bangs, in time for graduation.

Summer is here and the boys love to play in their little pool. Our community pool is also open and we've gone several times already.

The boys end up coming into our bed most nights. To make sure no one falls out of bed at night I put up a barricade on Michaels side when he's at work. In the morning I stack pillows and blankets on my side. This is what it looks like. I love having them sleep with us but they do take a lot of space and move around a lot!

Playing at the park.

The boys playing with their friend Anton at the McDonalds play area.

Our new car. Another Honda Odyssey, a 2008 model with about the same milage as our old van.

This is what our old van looked like after the accident. I went to the junkyard to pick up all our belongings and took a couple of pictures. The insurance adjuster stopped adding up the damage when the cost was up to $14000, decided it was totaled.

The boys got new car seats since theirs were in the car at the time of the accident. We ended up upgrading to seats that turn into a booster (the Britax frontier) and will grow with them until they are old enough to not be in a seat at all. They love them.

We have 4 more days of school and lot's af things happening this week. Send off ceremony for Maddie, award ceremonies, class parties and last day of school. Looking forward to summer break!