Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maddie's graduation ceremony

This last week of school has been full of activities, especially for Maddie as she is graduating from elementary school. Wednesday evening she had her formal graduation ceremony where she received her diploma. All the 5th graders performed a song, some students read speaches on the topic "Looking back, looking forward", the principal held a speech and there was a slideshow of the kids with baby pictures as well as more current photos. After the ceremony we had cake and lemonade and it was a very special evening.

Of course I took lot's of pictures as well as some video's with my iPhone. This first video is of the 5th graders entering the cafeteria to the song "Over the rainbow", I love that song!


The whole 5th grade performing R. Kelly's "The world's greatest".  Great song to perform at graduation, it was a very special moment for these kids.


Maddie before the ceremony.

The program.

Maddie and her friend Amber.


Cheering after everyone received their diplomas.

Maddie recieving her diploma.

Maddie's class cake.

Maddie and her science teacher.

Maddie and her math teacher.

Maddie and her homeroom/english teacher.

Maddie and her best friend Kaycee.

Maddie and her friends Kaycee and Jolee.

Maddie and me outside of school after the ceremony. I can't believe she's almost as tall as me, she's still 3 inches shorter but with the heels she's wearing in this picture she looks as tall as me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching up with a few pictures

Since I haven't been very active on the blog lately I thought I'd catch up with a few random pictures.

Maddie got a new haircut, with side bangs, in time for graduation.

Summer is here and the boys love to play in their little pool. Our community pool is also open and we've gone several times already.

The boys end up coming into our bed most nights. To make sure no one falls out of bed at night I put up a barricade on Michaels side when he's at work. In the morning I stack pillows and blankets on my side. This is what it looks like. I love having them sleep with us but they do take a lot of space and move around a lot!

Playing at the park.

The boys playing with their friend Anton at the McDonalds play area.

Our new car. Another Honda Odyssey, a 2008 model with about the same milage as our old van.

This is what our old van looked like after the accident. I went to the junkyard to pick up all our belongings and took a couple of pictures. The insurance adjuster stopped adding up the damage when the cost was up to $14000, decided it was totaled.

The boys got new car seats since theirs were in the car at the time of the accident. We ended up upgrading to seats that turn into a booster (the Britax frontier) and will grow with them until they are old enough to not be in a seat at all. They love them.

We have 4 more days of school and lot's af things happening this week. Send off ceremony for Maddie, award ceremonies, class parties and last day of school. Looking forward to summer break!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Playing behind our yard.

Since last fall the kids have enjoyed playing in the open area between our backyard and the golf course. Especially the girls play there a lot with their friends from up the street. They've been making forts around the trees with sticks and have just had a lot of fun.
A few months ago Michael put up a rope in one of the trees for the girls to swing on. A couple of weeks later someone had added a seat made out of wood. It turns out our very nice neighbor decided to make it for the kids that play back there (they only have a one year old themselves). Shortly after the swing was up Lily came in contact with poison ivy and broke out in a pretty bad rash. We had no idea it was back there but it is. I was about to take Lily to urgent care one evening (because I didn't know what the rash was) when I was home alone with the kids. I decided to leave Maddie home with the boys as I didn't want to expose them to all the germs in urgent care. I went to let our neighbors know (the same ones that helped with the swing) and asked if Maddie could come to them in case of an emergency. Well, the wife is a Doctor and she was nice to offer to come have a look at Lily so I didn't have to take her anywhere. She suspected it was poison ivy right away. They've lived here a lot longer than we have and have seen it back there before. Our neighbors are the best!
After that the kids continued to play back there but were looking out for the poison ivy. Then a couple of weeks ago we got another rash. Michael got it first around his feet and ankles, he thought it was fire ant bites. Then Lily breaks out in a rash all over and it looks like chickenpox but she's not feeling ill. Maddie had a few spots as well. We had no idea what it was that first time and it eventually went away. Then Michael and the boys played in the back one morning last week and later that day and the next day they were covered in spots. After a little research we suspected Chiggers and a few days later we had our pest control guy come out and he confirmed our suspicion. Chiggers is a type of mite that actually attaches and feeds off your skin. They are so tiny that you almost need a magnifying glass to see them. In fact, we haven't actually seen them yet but know there's tons of them behind our yard. The rash is pretty uncomfortable, Michael's had the worst reactions so far with severe itching, blistering and oozing. The kids haven't been terribly bothered but it's no fun anyway. So for now there's no more playing or swinging in the back.

If you click on the picture you can see the swing a little to the right and there's poison ivy climbing the tree trunk to the left of it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 year check up and update

 The boys had their 4 year check up this Thursday. Here's their stats.

Lucas: 41.5 inches (63 percentile) and 39lbs (67 percentile), 105.4cm and 17.7kg

Jacob: 40 inches (30 percentile) and 36.6lbs (45 percentile), 101.6 cm and 16.6kg

I think the height measurement was a little off so it's not quite that big of a difference between them but Lucas certainly is a little bit taller.
The check up went well and they did not get any shots at this time. Our Dr. was quite impressed by the fact that they haven't had a sick visit in well over a year and was asking us what we do that makes their immune systems so strong. I really think it's mainly that we've been lucky this year and we generally do not run to the Dr. for every fever or cough. We also use a lot of natural and homeopathic products when we are sick. Let's hope their immune system keeps strong and that we stay as healthy next year even though the boys will start preschool.

We got the boys registered for preschool this fall. They will be in school Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for 2hours and 40 minutes in the afternoons. We had a great experience with this school with Lily so we are very excited. It will be great for the boys in preparation for Kindergarten.

I can't believe how big they have gotten, 4 years old already and starting school.
They speak about 90% Swedish right now but I'm sure they understand more english than they speak since they do watch american tv-shows and movies. Cars 2 is a favorite right now and they love to play with their Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and Francesco cars. They have a couple of Cars 2 t-shirts, a pair of shoes and a pillow. They also play a lot with their legos and other vehicles. Building car washes and garages out of legos etc. After watching the movie "The toothfairy" they also play hockey around the house, using their golf clubs and street hockey pucks they picked up at the sporting goods store a while back.

They love listening to songs on the iphone, right now one of their favorites is "I'm glad you came" by "the wanted". Here's two video of them singing the song. Lucas in green t-shirt and Jacob in gray.