Saturday, June 2, 2012

Awards and class parties

The end of the year parties at school was held on Thursday and the award ceremonies took place before the parties that morning. Michael was back in town so we split up and since he missed out on Maddie's graduation ceremony the night before he went to her award ceremony and I went to Lily's.
Not surprisingly Lily got the spelling award. She always get's the challenge list for her spelling homework (they have a pretest on Monday's and if you get all the words right you get a challenge list for bonus points) and she placed 2nd in the distric's UIL spelling contest earlier this year. She says that her classmates usually asks her for the correct spelling when they need to instead of getting the dictionary ;). I'm so proud of her! Her party followed the awards and due to a few very wet days beforehand they were not able to be outside that morning and they had to set up all the games inside. The kids had fun though. They got facepaint and popsicles and they also got to decorate their own cupcakes.

Playing a cookie game.

Stacking bolts game.

Lucas helping Lily play a game.

Face paint station.


Maddie got a pretty special award, "Star Performer", for being a model student in her class and always doing the right thing. I couldn't be more proud of her. Michael filmed when she got it so here it is.

The 5th grade party followed after the awards and what a party it was! Definitely the coolest party we've had at school.

They had a game truck come. I have never seen such a thing but the kids thought it was so cool. Leather couches and many tv's, game consoles and games.

Dunking their teachers.

Inside the game truck.

Laser tag.

Maddie and her friend Jolee.

They also had an angry bird slingshot game. They got pizza and our favorite frozen yogurt place (Cherry Berry) came with frozen yogurt and toppings so the kids got to make their own ice cream creations. They partied all day and had so much fun.