Sunday, April 14, 2013

House update

Here are the latest pictures of our house. In 2 days we are doing our pre-dry wall inspection with the builder as well as our own private inspection with an independent inspector.

This is taken in the media room upstairs and this will we a 2 room closet/storage room. To the right we will be storing our media equipment and to the left will be storage for things like seasonal items and other boxed up things.
Fireplace in the family room. The room behind it is the master bedroom.

Standing in the upstairs game room with view over the media room and the closet in the background.

Eating area off the kitchen with walkout to the backyard.

Front door and entry hallway.

Looking up to the second floor from the family room/kitchen. To the left will become a balcony. To the right is Lily's bedroom and in between will be her bathroom.

View of the kitchen from the family room. Since you can see through the walls you can also see the front door and staircase. 

View of the family room and eating area from the kitchen/hallway. Kitchen will be to the left of the picture.


View from the front door. Formal dining to the left. 

The front of the house.

Sandstone for the front of the house, it's called Milsap.

The back of the house. Still missing windows in the master bedroom. Maddie's room is above the master. You get an idea of the size of the backyard also. Plenty of space for a pool (in the future) with some lawn space left.

Looking down from the top of the staircase/game room.

The pictures from upstairs were actually taken before the rest, earlier this week. I don't have too many picture from upstairs just because it's kind of scary going up there. No walls, free fall to the first floor. ;) By next week they will probably dry wall and put up brick and stone on the outside. It's such an exciting process to see the house take shape. The kids, especially the boys, are fascinated and loves to go visit.


Anonymous said...

Så spännande! Ser verkligen stort ut. Kommer bli super. Ni får ta flera bilder längre fram och lägga ut på bloggen. Nu är vi väldigt nyfikna på hur det framskrider och kommer se ut när det är klart.

Kramar från mamma

Anonymous said...

I still think of compact living;-)
Looks great, looking forward visting you in November!!

Anna said...

Jag ska se till att lägga ut bilder lite då och då så ni får se hur det framskrider. Spännande är det verkligen!

Kram, Anna

Anna said...


Compact living...haha.
Det blir roligt när ni kommer. Michael är taggad för F1! ;)


Anonymous said...

Det kommer att bli jättetjusigt! Och jag är säker på att ni verkligen kommer att trivas där. Och jag ser väldigt mycket fram emot att få hälsa på er, kanske i sommar?
Kram, Eva