Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleeping kids and new beds

They boys desperately needed new beds as they were still sleeping in their cribs turned toddler beds.
They were ready for big boy beds. I was thinking twin beds that could be made into bunk beds later on. However, in the new house we are planning on having them share the downstairs bedroom for awhile and it's pretty tiny. Two twin beds would barely fit in there and they are not ready to sleep in a top bunk considering they often wake up at night and come into our room. So we decided to get some kids beds from Ikea, they are bigger than toddler beds but smaller than twin beds. I was lucky to find one cheap on craigslist (the blue one). Lucas loved it and we thought we'd just buy a new one for Jakie, to match. He was, however, set on wanting a white bed like Lily has. Then just the day after picking up the blue bed I found a white one on craigslist. They love their new beds and they're much more comfortable than they were in the old ones.

They got to pick out some new bedding, pillow shams and duvet covers, at Ikea. They picked some with animals on. Lucas was excited about his fox print. In Swedish it's called "räv" but somehow he kept calling it "röv" which in Swedish actually means "butt". It was hilarious listening to him talking about "röven".




Here's one of Lily sleeping. Picture taken just after her blood sugar check. Most of the time she doesn't even move while we check her at night. Some nights she'll wake up and say something funny. Last night she sat up and said "I'll do it myself!", then she laid back down and fell asleep in an instant.

No sleeping picture of Maddie. I don't think she'd appreciate it if I sneaked in to take a picture of her sleeping. Actually, Lily might not either.....oops. :)

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