Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Lucas and Jacob!

Lucas and Jacob turned 7 years old on Friday. Where did the time go?!
Before Maddie and Lily went to school in the morning we woke them up with singing, cupcakes and  a few birthday presents. We decided to save the cake for when the girls came home in the afternoon.

We went out to eat for lunch and the boys chose Fadi's mediterranian grill. We love that place!
After lunch we went to go look at some homes under construction, something the boys really enjoy. They are very fascinated with the construction process and love seeing the houses being built step by step. They plan to build their own homes some day in the future as well as new homes for the rest of us in the family. Sweet boys!

That afternoon we ate homemade meringue cake with whipped cream, mandarins and chocolate shavings. They opened the rest of their presents which included Minecraft lego, Minecraft books, Bentley cars, Knex building set, string lights and a few other small gifts.

We ended the day with a mini piƱata that the boys took turns hitting. It was a fun day!

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