Friday, March 20, 2015

2cellos concert

As you all know both our girls play in the school orchestra, Madi has been playing the violin for almost 3 years and Lily has been playing the cello for a year. At school they have watched YouTube videos of this group called 2cellos, it's two amazing guys making covers of pop and rock music with only their cellos ( sometimes with a drummer). Over Christmas break I found out that they were coming on a tour to the US. Tickets were already sold out for the concert in Dallas but they had reasonably priced tickets in Midland Texas which is a 5 hour drive west from where we live. I sent a text message to Lily asking her if she would like to go see 2cellos in concert, the conversation went a little like this:

Me: Would you like to go see 2cellos in concert?
Lily: What????? Seriously? When? Where? How?
Me: At the end of February. We'd have to drive 5 hours to get there though.
Lily: Really? I would stab myself to get to see them! Are you serious?

So obviously we had to get tickets and go see them. The plan was for me and the girls to go to the concert and Michael and the boys would come along for the fun of a road trip. This meant we had to take a day off from school because the concert was scheduled for Friday February 27th. The days leading up to the trip it was clear that we had some bad winter weather moving in over north Texas for that weekend. It was supposed to start early Friday morning, the day we were planning to leave. Michael got home Thursday evening and we made a quick last minute decision to leave that night so we would make it to Midland in time for the concert despite the weather. We drove about halfway to a little town called Eastland where we spent the night. As promised we woke up to a white winter wonderland. We packed up after breakfast and started driving towards Midland, the roads were bad but there were hardly any traffic so we were still going at a decent pace. Just as we get to Abilene I got an email from the concert venue that the concert had been canceled and rescheduled for that coming Monday due to the winter weather. We were all really disappointed. Monday would not work for us since that would mean taking 2 more days off from school, the girls also had a competition with the orchestra on Tuesday that they could not miss and Michael was supposed to work. 
We knew they were supposed to play in Austin Saturday night but tickets were sold out. On a whim Michael decided to call the venue in Austin to see if there was any chance that there were tickets available. He was told that they were anticipating a release of more tickets that had been on hold and they had started a waiting list of people interested in tickets. They put us on the list and we ended up being second in line. So instead of continuing our drive to Midland we started driving south to Austin. Driving to Austin instead of Midland was 1.5 hours longer at that point so not too bad. The roads were icy and pretty bad though as we had a mix of snow and freezing rain that slowed us down quite a bit. It got better as we got closer to Austin. 
In Austin we ended up staying at a brand new J.W Marriott in downtown. It had only been open for about 2 weeks. We used hotel points that Michael had and got 2 rooms. It wasn't until the next afternoon, on Saturday, that we finally got the call that we had got tickets. They were really good seats, a little more expensive than the ones we had in Midland but we did get a full refund of the Midland tickets and we were not about to say no at this point. 

The concert turned out to be well worth the hassle we had getting there. These guys are so talented. The energy and atmosphere was amazing and all 3 of us had a great time. The girls agreed that this was the best concert they've been to so far, the only other concert they've been to being Katy Perry. :)
I have to say it may be the best concert I've been to as well. We will definitely go see them again when they come back and hopefully next time we can get tickets in Dallas before they sell out.
After the concert the guys and their drummer stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Madi and Lily were so excited and of course we stood in line to meet them. They signed both girls phone cases as well as a CD we bought and both of the girls got pictures taken with them. What an awesome experience it was!

Because Michael had to be at work the next day we drove straight home after the concert. I was driving so that he could get some rest. It was another adventure, it rained the whole way and there were some areas with freezing rain. We finally made it home around 4am, exhausted but happy.

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